Thursday, January 9, 2014

Save $$ By Renting College Textbooks

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I remember as a college student dreading that total at the campus book store at the beginning of each semester. It just killed me to spend that much on textbooks that I would use for a few months, and knew that I wouldn't make nearly half that back when the class ended. As students head back to the colleges this spring semester, wanted to make sure all of you know about an easy way to save money on textbooks. Instead of going to the bookstore on campus, and paying way too much for a text book you will only need a few months, why not rent college textbooks?

Campus Book Rentals has a really cool program where you simply go online search your specific textbook, choose how long you need to rent it for saving 40-90%, and then grab Free Shipping! Some textbooks are even available for next day shipping!!! When the class is over you just mail them back in the included postage paid shipping envelope! It doesn't get much easier than that.

I love to find unique ways to save money, ever penny counts right? This is one  way to save that I wish I would have known about when my husband and I were attending college. Know we paid way to much money for our textbooks, and with their annoyingly low resale prices, we ended up keeping more than I care to mention. That's where the Campus Book Rentals Rent Back program comes in!

Not only does Campus Book Rentals save you those precious dollars that are so hard to come while in school, but you can rent your textbooks you have purchased to other students through their Rent Back program. Which according to their site could MAKE You 2-4x the money!!! Nice! 

~For information on either of these programs check out Campus Book Rentals website, and feel free to watch this really informative video on how Campus Book Rentals works!
Happy Saving!!!


  1. such a great resource for college kids I wish I would have known about Campus Book Rentals when I was in college it would have saved me a lot of money

  2. I have heard so many good things about them. I love that they offer great prices. I am grateful that when I went to college I was on full scholarship so never had to pay for my own books, thank goodness!

  3. I have heard of this brand before. I think purchasing college textbooks is expensive so it is definitely best to rent to save money.

  4. My daughter is starting college in a few months and I've seen this around so will have to check them out because any savings is good savings, especially with college books being so expensive.


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