Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Don't miss these Coupons!!!

There are quite a few great coupons available right now, but they are sure to go fast! Here's a few that I think should give you some great savings!!!

Household Category

146-oz. Laundry detergent (Purex® Complete® with Zout® stain remover or Purex® plus Oxi) (Redeem Only at Target)Save $1.50 off Purex Complete with Zout stain remover or Purex plus Oxi detergent

Save $2 off 146 oz Purex Complete with Zout stain remover or Purex plus Oxi detergent {Target coupon}

*Combine those 2 coupons for a great deal at Target!!!

Personal Care

off any two (2) Schick® Disposable Razors (excludes 2 count and 10+2 count)Save $6 off 2 Schick Disposable Razors {That should = a great deal at Dollar General or Walmart!!!}


ON ANY TWO (2) FARM RICH® SNACKSSave $3 on any 2 Farm Rich Snacks

when you buy THREE Old El Paso® products (Excludes Old El Paso® Refrigerated, Frozen OR Soup products) 

Save $.50 Old El Paso products

Happy Printing! =)

FREE Gluten-Free Ebook

Today you can download a Free Copy of 
Jules' Gluten-Free Dinner-A-Day Ebook 2011. 

This ebook includes 9 Gluten-Free meals and a shopping list. You will not be charged any shipping cost, so it is truly a FREE download. 

To get your FREE copy simply go to Jules Gluten-Free Deal of the Day section HERE, and scroll down towards the bottom until you see the Dinner-A-Day Ebook.  Click BUY to enjoy the 100% savings and yummy Gluten-Free recipes! =)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Susan's Brown Baby Moisterizing Hand Sanitizer Review

If there was one thing that I used to keep in my diaper bag that I still make sure to have on hand just in case.... it's hand sanitizer! With the cooler winter months fast approaching, I usually try not to use it too much unless absolutely necessary since using sanitizer always dries my hands out. This winter I don't believe that's going to be a problem, because I just found Susan Brown's Baby Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer!

Came across the Susan Brown's Baby Luxury Products for Baby and Mom when my son was little, and we love that they are pure and natural. We have a bunch of skin issues in our family including eczema, and can't use just any skin product.  
Although this Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer has all the Antibacterial properties you would expect from a sanitizer it does not leave your hands greasy feeling or dry at all... just soaks right in. This I'm sure has to do with the little pink and blue Vitamin E moisture beads. My hands felt so soft after using it, and I have never said that about any other sanitizer before. Usually they leave my hands feeling dry and tight.

As far as scent goes, it does have a slight alcohol smell for a few seconds but it quickly disappears. Which I expected that because it is a sanitizer after all. The scent that remains is a smooth and clean one... that isn't over powering at all. Sometimes I just want to sanitize my hands, not put on a perfume for all around me to smell.

Win a Jewelry Candle

Thank you to Elite Mama 
for sharing this giveaway and her review
 with the readers and fans of Coupons and Lesson Plans!!!! 

~Below is a bit about Jewelry Candles and EliteMama's personal review of the Pink Love Candle.

Review and Giveaway by: Elitemama

Jewelry Candles was inspired by the famous classic movie, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. A great classic movie that everyone has pretty much seen. The people at the company love the movie and thought that it would be awesome to do their own Willie Wonka type concept. Instead of having golden tickets inside of a chocolate bar, you will find jewelry in these all natural soy candles. With Jewelry Candles, everyone is a winner =) 

Inside of all the candles there is a hidden jewel that can be worth anywhere from $10 to $7,500. {woot woot.... a little bling!!!} In the candle you could find a ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet, anklet, or even a pair of earrings. You never know what you will find in your candle, but it will always be a fabulous piece of jewelry.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

TykesBykes Balance Bike Event

Coupons and Lesson Plans
Welcomes you to the 
Balance Bike Event!!!!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

~The TykesBykes Balance Bike is a great way to help your child become ready for a 2 wheel bicycle!! Since these Balance Bikes are smaller and leave off the pedals, they will learn to balance very quickly! If you would like to see my full review and how much my son loves his Balance Bike go HERE

~TykesBykes is ready to help another little one learn to stay steady on 2 wheels with their Balance Bike by sponsoring this awesome Event!!!! 
"Thank you, TykesBykes!!" from Coupons and Lesson Plans!!! =)
Now who is ready to enter 
to WIN a TykesBykes Balance Bike
 valued at $109.99?!!!! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TykesBykes Balance Bike Review

When my daughter was 4, we bought her a bike with training wheels for Christmas. She loved it and actually started riding it in the house that day. We were so excited to teach her how to ride a "big girl" bike, but after we took the training wheels off....Things progressed very slowly. Why?..... Because she could not balance, and never thought to catch herself by putting her feet down when she started to fall. The training wheels actually made it harder for us to teach her to ride!

With our son, we are using a TykesBykes Balance Bike. The difference has been astonishing! 

Balance Bike Blue 2011 14" Wheels
Photo Credit- TykesBykes' website
A TykesBykes Balance Bike a small 2 wheel bike... nearly identical to a regular bicycle but it doesn't have any pedals!!! 

Have a good idea what you are thinking... "What?! No pedals?!!!".... Honestly, that was my first thought too, but after just one afternoon outside with his new Balance Bike my son was "riding".

I was sent the Balance Bike Blue 2011 with 14" Wheels, and it is the perfect height for preschoolers. TykesBykes also has a smaller version with 12" wheels that would work great for even smaller children.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Scotch Brite FREE Sample

Scotch-BriteThis is a Facebook Freebie! Hurry quantities limited!!!

Simply go to Scotch-Brite's Facebook Page HERE.  

"LIKE" then fill out the short form to request your freebie.

Calico Minerals Skincare Free Samples

Free Calico Minerals Skincare Samples 

Hurry over and fill out a short form {name, address, and email} to receive a FREE Sample of Calico Minerals Skincare complete cleansing and nourishing kit.  

To request your free sample simply go HERE

*Thanks AllYou

Saturday, September 15, 2012

TrueBlood Event

 Coupons and Lesson Plans
 would like to Welcome you to the
 TrueBlood Giveaway Event!!!

We wanted to do something a little different this year, and have decided to throw a True Blood inspired giveaway, The Fantastic Vampire-ific True Blood Halloween Giveaway. 

There will be three prizes, three winners (1 prize per winner).

One of our favorite shows is True Blood. If you have not seen, it is a funny, provocative, and dark humored show, with lots of twists and turns.  

Warning: The show is addicting!!

~Who is your favorite character? Is it Alcide, Jessica, or let's not forget Eric? This season is sure to be another must watch!!! While you wait for the next new episode... enter this awesome giveaway with 3 winners! ~

Thursday, September 13, 2012

FREE Sample of Lactaid Fast Act Dietary Supplement

I'm Lactose Intolerant, and I use these every once in a while. LOVE a FREEBIE! 
Free LACTAID® Fast Act Dietary Supplements Sample 

Signing up is super easy... just fill out this form with your name, address, and email. 

Hurry you never know how long these type of samples will last! =)

*Thanks to AllYou

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gutzy Gear Review

We may be homeschooler's here at our house, but back to school time is very much like traditionally schooled kiddos. We go and pick up new school supplies, clothes, and books to get ready for the new school year. That's why when I was given the opportunity to review the next big thing in back to school must haves, Gutzy Gear, I jumped on it. 

What is Gutzy Gear you ask? 

*Gutzy Gear is an awesome new accessory for your children's back packs! {You could also wrap them around a messenger bag, guitar strap, or even on a scooter!}  In a starter kit you receive 2 sleeves and a complimentary patch. You simply wrap the sleeves around the straps of the backpack, and it attaches with the very strong velcro. It's not going anywhere! Then your kiddos can put their Gutzy Gear patches wherever they choose on the sleeves, since all the patches also have the velcro on the back.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OOFOS Giveaway

Here it is!!!!

Welcome to the 

Giveaway on Coupons and Lesson Plans!

OOFOS has graciously offered to giveaway 1 pair of their super comfortable, flexible shoes made with OOFoam! To learn more about their shoes and my opinion of them check out my review found HERE.

Now who is ready to enter?

OOFOS Review

Believe I have found the most comfortable shoes that I have ever been given the opportunity to wear and review.. OOFOS!!!

OOFOS OOriginal Thong in Mocha
These shoes are made for comfort, and they look cute too! After receiving our pairs of OOFOS- the OOriginal Thong in Mocha and OOaah Slide in Black- both my husband and I have tested them thoroughly. Have wore them shopping, around the house, to the pool, on walks, in the garden, and even to the softball field for our daughter's ballgames and practices.

Plum Kids Facebook Freebie

Hurry over to Plum Kids 
and get a FREE product coupon found under their Snacking Spree Free Giveaway... HERE.
Just "Like" and fill out your address information.... the coupon will be mailed. 

Hurry!! This one is sure to go fast! =)

Butterball Turkey Burger Coupon Now Available

Burger-retail-frozenMy Hubby and I love these Turkey Burgers from Butterball, and right now in the Savings Center you can print a coupon to save $1 off one (1) package of Butterball Original Seasoned or Sweet Onion Seasoned. 

 {I'll be printing my limit on this one.}

Don't forget to check out some of the other coupons that are available .... lots of great ones this month! 

Happy Printing and Saving!!! =)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Giant Microbes Giveaway

 Coupons and Lesson Plans
 would like to say "Thank you" to 
Giant Microbes and Sublime Media Connection
 for this really cool and educational Giveaway!!!

 Giant Microbes are a really fun way to learn about all things microbial! 

~What an awesome teaching tool that your kiddos can play with!!!

~They are available in vinyl action figures, plushies, Christmas ornaments to name a few. Giant Microbes are unique and memorable gift ideas that help the recipient to learn about different illnesses and viruses. 

The Sublime Media Connection had the pleasure of reviewing several unique items from this line, and we have a wonderful giveaway in store for you! 

One lucky reader is going to win a Common Cold Plush, Petri Dish and Dispenser. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Jewelry Candle Event

Welcome to the 
Jewelry Candle Giveaway

* 2 Winners!!!!

Giveaway done by: Elitemama

Jewelry Candles was inspired by the famous classic movie, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. My kiddos love this movie, and I love these candles!!! The great people at the company love the movie too, and thought that it would be awesome to do their own Willie Wonka concept. Instead of having golden tickets inside of a chocolate bar, you will find jewelry in these all natural soy candles. With Jewelry Candles...... everyone is a winner =)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free Blogger Opportunity from MPM

~This post is for Bloggers only. 

Who would like to join a HUGE Giveaway from Mom Powered Media? 

**Please check back November 5th if you would like to enter... =)

The LG Smart Magic Bigscreen Event is hosted by Mom Powered Media.

Prize: LG 42" Smart 1080p Edge-Lit LED HDTV with Wi-Fi and Magic Remote
The event dates: 11/5 - 11/26
Free Event ~ Sign-Up Here – Bloggers Wanted LG Smart Magic Bigscreen Event
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