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About me-
My name is Amanda, and I am a stay at home, second generation homeschooling, Mom. I married my best friend, Jason over 15 years ago. Love to read, laugh, and spend time hanging out with my friends and family. I am called Mommy by three wonderful blessings, daughter {12} in Seventh Grade, son {8} in Second Grade, and our latest addition to the Coupons and Lesson Plans family is my new sweet baby boy now just over 19 months old. He arrived on the scene in April 2014, and has turned our world upside down in a good way. I am also a Mom of sorts to 3 fur babies. We have two nearly identical black cats- Twilight and Shadow, and our new puppy Bosco that we adopted in October 2015.

My blog- 
I started my blog, Coupons and Lesson Plans, to inform others of the new or little known products that are available. I also wanted to share family friendly posts, money saving deals, homeschooling ideas and resources that are out there to make our lives and budgets easier. Over the last {almost} three years, I have branched out from my initial topics. I now enjoy sharing fun craft ideas, recipes, and posts on other topics related to family life. Coupons and Lesson Plans covers a wide variety of topics. I love to try new things and am constantly evolving just like my blog.  Most of all I am thrilled with the growth in my blogs content and following that has occurred since I began this fun blogging journey in February 2012. I am having a blast being a blogger and getting to know my followers. 

Product Reviews Policy
  1. Review is free of charge in exchange for a full size product(s) with a $30 minimum. [Please no samples.]
  2. Product(s) must be shipped by sponsor and will not be returned
  3. Please allow at least 2-4 weeks after receipt of product(s) for review to be posted.  
  4. Links to website and social media will be included within each review post.
  5. Reviews will be promoted across my social media accounts.
  6. Reviews will be emailed to the sponsor once it has been posted. I ask that you please share on your social media too.                          
 Giveaway Policy
  1. Giveaways are free of charge when combined with a review of over $30.
  2. Giveaway will be put together by Coupons and Lesson Plans and chosen by Rafflecopter which uses
  3. Sponsor will be responsible for shipping to the winner and all fees associated with the prize.
  4. Giveaway will run anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on the prize and agreement with the sponsor. 
  5. Links to the sponsor's website and social media will be included in the giveaway. 
  6. Giveaway will be promoted across my social media as well as being shared on other giveaway websites and forums.
  7. Purchases for bonus entries violate FTC regulations and will not be allowed.
  8. G+ entries violate Google TOS and will not be allowed. 
  9. Once the giveaway has ended, winner will be selected within one week. Winner’s information will be sent to the sponsor whose responsibility it is to ship the prize.
Giveaway Only
I do charge a fee for my time to set up giveaways that do not include a product for review. (This is advertising) Please contact me at for more information.
Advertising/Paid Posts 

If you have a family friendly product/ website you would like to advertise on Coupons and Lesson Plans, I have ad space available.  I am also willing to write about or publish a sponsored post for your family friendly company. Please contact me at if you would like more information on my current rates.

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