Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year's Resolution Plan 2014

I am usually not big on making any New Year's Resolutions, but this year I have a few things I am hoping to accomplish before our new baby arrives in April. {Thinking that nesting thing that usually happens when a new baby is coming has hit me early!} Decided a resolution was called for. My official New Year's Resolution is Organizing My Home.

Since organizing a home isn't very specific, and my ADD will kick in leaving me with a ton of stuff started but not finished. I am going to set myself a few very specific projects. That should keep me on track and focused. I usually have big plans and honestly the best of intentions, but end up losing interest very fast. Struggling with follow through has always been a huge issue for me.

This year my goals are short and sweet, and I encourage all of you to make a SHORT LIST of things you would like to do to bring order to your space too. Since I am trying to fit our new little one in our already crowded three bedroom home, my goals all involve organizing the few areas of my home, that I have let go. I plan on using our current school storage closet, which happens to be right outside my bedroom for our little guy. {He will be rooming with my husband and I for the first year until we find a larger home} I am actually excited to have a place to put the baby items I already have, thinking finishing this project first will give me that sense of accomplishment to conquer the clutter other places I have put off touching.

Here are all 4 of projects I will try to tackle over the next 4 weeks. {With my resolution only taking up 4 weeks that will leave the rest of my year to pick other things to focus on. I have a good idea that come May after our little one arrives,  the exercise/ weight loss goals that a lot of people are starting right now will move to the top of my list.}

  1. Clean out and move all our school storage closet to the entry way closet after organizing and throwing out the other stuff I have stored in the entry way.
  2. Clear out and Organize the hallway cabinet. 
  3. Clean out my big cabinet in the kitchen that I have just thrown all the extra pans and appliances. 
  4. Clear out the junk cabinet in the kitchen. 
 BOOM! That's my organizing resolution plan so far. That's 4 weeks of organizing the places that I know need it. We keep the rest of our house fairly organized mostly thanks to my husband, who has a bit of OCD, and doesn't ever let me slack much in keeping things tidy. He wouldn't be able to function if he saw how bad I have let my 4 hidden spots he never looks at go! LOL I will post before and after pictures, and let you hold me accountable to finish my resolution plan. 

I would love to hear what everyone's Resolutions this year are too. Do you have a plan, good book, website or program you follow to stay organized? Please share because my nesting instinct is already in over drive now, I will be crazy with it soon and wanting more information to pour over the next couple months to get things as perfect as possible before the baby arrives. Don't forget to look for the first update on my progress next Monday. ~ Amanda

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  1. I have a few resolutions Un-cluttering my home is one of them. I like to make lists to I find its so much easier to stick to when you have it written out. I like to spread out the tasks too. If I have to do to much at once I get discouraged and give up. The only part of my home I see my having an issue with is toys... Every time I try to donate an unplayed with toy or throw away a broken one my kids insist its their favorite and they can't live without it lol

  2. I am constantly trying to declutter my house. I am participating in a declutter challenge you get rid of 10 items a day for 6 days. I cleaned and organized my bedroom closet today and easily found 10 items to get rid of. I hope you have a great year

  3. My daily resolution is to declutter my house. Right now my biggest issue is getting rid of this recliner in my office.

  4. My list is to declutter as well. I want to pair down my clothes I all ready got a bag full of shoes and a box of dishes ready to go to the womens shelter which is where I donate items we don't need any more.


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