Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year's Resolution 2014 ~ Organizing My Home Week 1 Update

Last Sunday I posted My New Year's Resolution 2014 Plan ~ Organizing My Home. Thought I would check in with an update. My Goal for last week was item #1 from my list. 

  1. Clean out and move all our school storage closet to the entry way closet after organizing and throwing out the other stuff I have stored in the entry way. 
So happy to report that on Sunday I did it! This pregnant lady is a bit wiped out because instead of spreading it out over the week, I did it all in one day, and tried my hand at freezer cooking afterwards. I don't recommend cramming so much into one day, but my husband was home to help keep an eye on the kiddos.... so I just went for it. Do want to thank my daughter for being such a big help carrying the books from the school closet with me too. =)

Check out these before and after pictures of our 2 closets.... please don't judge, I know they were a crazy mess which is why I made them my #1 Goal. lol 

Before- Behind those baby items we received for Christmas
are all of our school books and supplies.
After- All that's left is Baby Items! Woo Hoo! 
Before- I know it looks awful.! lol
It was our junk closet for all outdoor accessories,
and pretty much everything else too. lol
After- School Supplies Closet!
(outdoor stuff on bottom shelf) 

After finishing, we did have a few yard sale boxes for this summer, but quite a bit was just thrown away. What a freeing feeling to start getting this clutter organized and out of here!!! I know it sounds silly, but I can't wait to start week 2's goal - Clear out and Organize the hallway cabinet. I am so ready for a clutter free home! 

Have you been trying to stick with those resolutions this week? Would love to hear about your plans for next week or what you are doing this year. Wishing everyone good luck on keeping those goals..... you can do it!!!! Fingers crossed I can too! Will post my Week 2 Update next week. ~Amanda


  1. I need to do this. I have been meaning to organize and I have so much stuff that I need to get rid of. Your after is really great!

    1. Thank you! I am so happy to have one goal checked off my list. =)

  2. great job both areas look great. I am working on decluttering my home also

  3. I started doing some spring cleaning as well. We threw away a lot of junk in the game room. I also boxed up old books and magazines.

  4. The after looks great! Organizing is one of my resolutions this year. We might be moving in a couple of months, so I'm trying to organize things now, but it's tough. We just don't have much space.


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