Wednesday, January 20, 2016

National Geographic & Family Dinner Giveaway

How does a movie night that includes a nice dinner out with the kids sound? We love our family movie nights, and a dinner out is always great to give this Mom a break. I am so excited to share with you a fun prize pack giveaway that includes a dinner for 4, the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016 & Polar Prowl DVD!!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

National Bird Day Giveaway Featuring Cockatoo, Too Picture Book

I have inherited a love for bird watching from my Mom. We used to have a large picture window with a few bird feeders right outside. We would watch the birds, located them in a book, and observe their behaviors when I was younger. My children have happily picked up this hobby from both of us. Since January 5th is National Bird Day, I thought it would be fun to celebrate with all of you by sharing a brand new children' book for your little ones. {Be sure to check out all the other wonderful January giveaways linked below too.}

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