Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Garden of Weedin'

Weeds are normal in any garden, I know this. Just really don't want them in ours making a home and hanging out!!! =)

Weeds, your days are numbered! {insert evil laugh here}

Trying not be OCD about keeping the weeds out is how I have decided to play this one! Not sure if all gardeners have my attitude about weeds, but I figure once every two or three weeks is all the time I'm willing to put in pulling weeds. {Especially in this heat wave we are going through in the Midwest... 105 degrees in Southern Indiana today}

Just figure if there's a weed.. there's a weed. What's the worst that could happen..... the pics for my blog post will not be as pretty. I can live with that! 

Don't get me wrong I do pull all the weeds on a set day, and make sure the rows all look nice again. See I want this Organic Gardening Adventure to be a fun one... not a stressful, "Did you get all the weeds pulled?" one.

Our first baby green tomatoes! Aren't they cute?! LOL =D
 All of the little issues I'm learning to deal with are so small compared to the huge pay out of fresh veggies in just a couple weeks! So excited.... I have a few little green tomatoes, baby banana and green peppers already. Not to mention the romaine that has been providing us with fresh salads. {Go Here to read  my post on romaine lettuce}

I am having such a fun time learning about how to organic garden, and also just general facts about taking care of all these veggie plants. For instance, I really had no idea that different plants used different minerals from the soil, or that tomato plants need to be pruned.  ..... think I am getting ahead of myself......more on all of that next week! =)


  1. Weeds everywhere here too!! I want to start a garden!!!

  2. Love this post! As I was reading I felt like a little kid again! My Daddy and I always had a garden together when I was growing up! I really miss gardening and can't wait to get back to the country where I can have a yard (garden)! Great post! Oh and weeds are weeds! Ya they should be pulled once in a while but it's a garden lol!

  3. Your baby tomatoes are adorable! LOL They will be tasty soon. Good Luck on all your gardening adventures!

  4. Actually it isn't a good idea to prune tomatoes. You can remove the "suckers" that grow between the side branch and the main stem (I always call it the elbow). There are two different kinds of tomatoes- determinate and indeterminate. One will keep on growing and the other stays a predetermined size.

    1. That's actually what I meant Debbie..... call removing them pruning. Details on how to spot and well.... remove them is part of new weeks post. =) Didn't know that about the two types of tomato plants.... looks like I will be researching a bit more. Thanks for the info.

  5. I'm in the same boat here, trying not to be OCD with the weeds in my organic garden. I hate weeds and they grow like crazy here.

  6. The tomatoes look great! We are growing mostly tomatoes this year and I am looking forward to taking on canning...Good Luck with your garden.

  7. We just moved from a townhouse with no yard to a house with a huge overgrown garden bed. We intended to plant so many veggies outside and have a full garden but decided to do a lot in containers in our attached greenhouse instead. We spent the first full week weeding and now its grown back again so I need to get at it. We have about 30 raspberry bushes that are the main weed culprit, but I may give up on keeping it perfectly weeded and just enjoy the berries. =)


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