Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saving Money with Coupon Chief

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As you all know, I love to save money, and shopping online by using coupon codes saves you money! Just came across this awesome website to find coupon codes= Coupon Chief. Here's a few ways this site separates itself from others that are out there, in my opinion.   

1. You can create a profile, and they will email you when a coupon code for one of your favorite stores comes out. 

It's so easy to create a profile.  After you have completed your profile, go to my account. Then hit the button on the top left "Savings Alert". Next simply add your favorite stores. I completed my profile in just a few short minutes, and now have it set up to email me when a new code is available to my favorite stores! Sure takes the “search and find” part out of using coupon codes online. Coupon Chief now delivers them right to me! Woo Hooo!

2. You can join their Pays-2-Share program.

The Pays-2-Share program is simple. Sign up, share a coupon code, and if the store is one of the participating merchants, you earn 2% from each of the purchases others make using the code you uploaded. For more details checkout Coupon Chief’s Paid-2-Share tab. Just like Momma always said, you should share with your friends!!!! …. Must admit, it's pretty cool to get paid to share!!!!

Check out Coupon Chief's website today! Start getting Paid-2-Share, and have those coupon codes sent to you!!! =)


  1. Very cool, I need to look into this for my large family. I love to save money too.

  2. Great post. Will check this out! Thanks


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