Monday, June 11, 2012

Mailbox Freebies Monday!!!!

Hey, everyone!!!

It's Monday.... the day I have decided to have the weekly Mailbox Monday post. You can expect to see these posts every Monday from now on with any samples that are still available listed, with a link to sign up. 

Have a great day Monday!!! =)

These are the FREEBIES I received last week (June 4-9th ) ! If you will start signing up for just the few freebies posted here pretty much daily... it will not take very long at all and you will have lil surprises waiting for you in your mailbox almost everyday!!

Finish Quantum (Facebook sample)- This sample is still available! =)  Just go here

Garnier Fructis- No Longer available.  Found it at Walmart's Free Sample & Savings
You can find samples and coupons there, but they go really fast.

 Nexcare Waterproof Bandages- No Longer Available

Propel Zero (Facebook sample)- This sample is no longer available.

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