Thursday, June 7, 2012

***FREE*** Tampons at Dollar General Store

Just scored some free tampons at Dollar General Store....

First of all I had previously purchased a box of RepHresh Brilliant tampons from CVS... and received extra care bucks back for the purchase making them free (this was months ago ...not a current deal)
Inside the box was a $1 off coupon(no expiration).

Here's how to get them for FREE!
 (if you already have a coupon)

Buy 1 box RepHresh Brilliant Tampons 
(Super or Regular)  $1.00
- $1.00 off manufactures coupon 
Free + tax!!! 

Believe it's worth a trip to your local store to check and see if they are only a $1! If you do not have a coupon to start the rotation... it's still a great buy.

 **I went to 2 different Dollar General Stores in my area, and both had the tampons in the dollar section. Each box did have the coupons inside them too. Wooo HOOO!!! Can't beat FREE!!!

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