Thursday, July 26, 2012

PB Crave Review

This review had my whole family excited..... we are a major peanut butter family! It is a staple that if we, by some crazy tragedy, are ever out of.... there will be tears! (Not necessarily coming from my kiddos either.) To get my point across, I was surrounded by family members growing up that spread it on crackers and sandwiches, but also put it on their hamburgers and donuts! Like I said we LOVE peanut butter, but that also makes us picky about our peanut butter fix!!!

Decided to put PB Crave's all natural peanut butter through our family test.... I was sent 4 flavors to try for this review- Choco Choco, Cookie Nookie, Coco Bananas, and Razzle Dazzle.

Cookie Nookie-In my opinion,  Is a great peanut butter for sandwiches and on crackers. We used it on breakfast toast and for lunches. This peanut butter is made with Wild Honey, Chocolate Chips, and cookie dough flavor. I will say the Cookie Dough flavor is not overwhelming at all. We all liked this one!


Choco Choco- It's safe to say this Chocolate peanut butter was our very favorite flavor.... used it in cookies (recipe to come later in the week) that I made for our family reunion and got rave reviews. We also put it on graham crackers as a snack..... a healthy snack I might add. All PB Crave peanut butters on gluten-free, cholesterol free, and do not contain high fructose corn syrup! This all natural peanut butter is made with Wild Honey and Sweet & Dark Chocolate. YUMMY!!!

Razzle Dazzle- I love this Raspberry flavored peanut butter on my breakfast toast! It has just the right amount of raspberry flavor, so that it doesn't overwhelm the peanut butter flavor. Sweetened with Wild Honey and both sweet and dark chocolate this peanut butter tastes so sweet, but only has 6 grams of sugar per serving!!!

Coco Bananas- This Natural Banana flavored  peanut butter has the Wild Honey and Chocolate too. I really loved adding this to my sons peanut butter sandwiches. He is my monkey man and loves Bananas. Pretty much he just claimed this flavor as his own.   

We really loved all the yummy peanut butters from PB Crave. The only thing I will say about them is, even though they say the peanut butter does not need to be refrigerated....we needed to refrigerate the samples they sent us. The peanut butter became extremely runny if we left them at room temperature. I kept them in the fridge, and they were fine. Then simply stirred them up with the knife before spreading, and it spread in a nice smooth layer- not chunky at all! Needing to refrigerate peanut butter is not a big deal to me... especially when it is an all natural peanut butter. Refrigerating them didn't affect their flavor or taste. {Also please keep in mind we are going through a record setting heat wave in Indiana with temps in the 100's for weeks now}

~My family's opinion....PB Crave is awesome!!! Since I am trying to find healthier alternatives for our favorite foods, I especially love that their peanut butter does NOT contain cholesterol, hydrogenated oils, trans fat, or high fructose corn syrup. It is also made using peanuts grown in the United States and is Gluten-Free!!!

~If you love peanut butter, I believe you will love PB Crave All Natural Peanut Butter. If you want to learn more about PB Crave and keep up with their yummy peanut butters follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.    =)

Now who would like to try some?!!! 

PB Crave has graciously offered to sponsor a giveaway on Coupons and Lesson Plans!  To enter simple go HERE and follow the Rafflecopter directions. 

*I received the PB Crave Promo Pack to review free of charge. I was not required to give a positive review. As Always, ALL opinions {good or bad} are my own. If you would like more information please see my Disclosure.


  1. i have tried this and choco choco is my favorite!!! i eat it right out of the jar! but i think it would be good spread on bananas, apples or graham crackers!

  2. oooh i cant WAAIT to try it!!!

    rebecca 85 k @

  3. They all sound great, I've never tried them. I have never heard of peanut butter on hamburgers!

  4. oh yummy yummy. I'd love to try the Razzle Dazzle. I love raspberry anything

  5. I love this brand! They have so many tasty flavors to choose from. Delicious!

  6. I've never heard of this before but would love to try it. All of my family's favorite desserts always include peanut butter and I can imagine a lot more desserts while using this peanut butter.


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