Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just Pinch Those Suckers

Well, I was going to try and study up this week for an awesome beginner "how to" post on taking care of tomatoes. Unfortunately my life....been crazy this week.... wasn't going to let that happen. Here's two little bits of information that I have picked up so far.=)

FYI- We found these on sale for $1 at Rural King.

1- Tomatoes need a cage.   

I'm sure this sounds simple to those veteran gardeners, but people like me just starting out with their first garden have no idea. 

When tomatoes start growing they will get a lot larger than you expect. These simply help support the plant which will need it when all those big juicy tomatoes come on.

This sucker just got pinched!

2- You need to prune or really just pinch the suckers off your tomato plants.  

This is a very easy process, and it keeps the plants from becoming too large. 

To do this you simply locate those little suckers and (you guessed it) pinch them off. As you can see from my pic, they look like a new branch beginning to grow at a intersect of a branch and one of the main stems. Just pinch it off as close to the plant as possible.....Done!!! 

~Next week-ANTS!!!!  Those little thieves think they are going to take over my garden, but I have some plans......

~Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay cool.... we are still in this crazy heat wave here in Indiana... over 106 degrees again today. Can't wait for the cool down coming next week. Supposed to only be in the 90's.  =)


  1. I found you via Product Reviews Basics on FB :)I am following via Twitter and GFC

    Good luck with your tomato growing my dad usually is the one who grows ours :) I remember being little and helping with those as well as cucumbers :)

    You can follow me back here Content Friendly

  2. I need to "pinch those suckers"! My tomato plants are huge and that is part of the problem. The have so many vines I can't get to the tomoatoes that are ripe! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Love all your gardening posts!

  4. Thanks for all you tips! I'm also a new gardener and any advice I can get is helpful. Haha

  5. My Father-In-Law found out about pinching right at the end of the season. We've always done cages, but a "professional" at the garden lectures said to put down straw and let them grow like cucumbers. We did stakes and string this year, but I think I may ask dad to do one or two plants on the ground next year and see how they do.


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