Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ozeri Brezza II Review

Thanks to The Pitch List and Ozeri
I just reviewed an awesome fan...
the Ozeri Brezza II Dual Oscillating 10" Desk Fan!!!! 

First of all, the fan comes ready to use straight from the box! Love that I didn't need to put anything together to get started. For a smaller fan, I am surprised by how much air is being circulated, and how quiet it is. We have been going through a horribly hot heat wave here in Indiana, and this fan has been the best! 

I'm sure you are wondering about the Dual Oscillating part of the fan's name. It simply means, not only does this fan pivot left to right, but it will go vertical (up and down) as well. You can use this fan in both the winter months to circulate the hot air, and in the summer to pull that cooler air where you need it. Keeping the air flowing will help with those energy bills that drives us all nuts!

There are 3 settings for the fan speed 1- low, 2-medium, and 3- high. The Brezza II also has the same 3 settings for oscillating left to right. You just choose which one you want and whoosh! The air is zooming! When you come in from 106 degree weather,and feel like you are just cooked... this fan gives you the perfect cool down!!! 

The final feature that is definitely worth mentioning is the fact you are able to mount the Brezza II to the wall. The fan comes with the wall mounting kit which includes the screws and dry wall anchors. Even though you can mount the fan, Ozeri warns against mounting on the ceiling or using the oscillating modes while mounted on the wall.

After testing the Brezza II, not only do I love it for our house, but I believe this fan would be perfect for dorm rooms!!!! They are always tight on space, and usually need help in the air circulation department! The Brezza II is light weight enough to just pick up and move, which is another reason it really struck me as a perfect going away to college present!!! =)

If you would like a chance to own the Ozeri Brezza II and a few of Ozeri's other excellent products. Check back July 12th for the start of ... (see button below)


* Received this product to review free of charge thanks to Ozeri and The Pitch List. As always, all opinions {good or bad} are my own. If you would like more information please see my Disclosure.


  1. I would have loved one of these when the recent power outage and storms came through my city!!

  2. I wonder if any one has actually mounted the fan on a wall? Sounds like the perfect size to carry from room to room so I'm not sure I would want to mount it on the wall.


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