Saturday, March 15, 2014

Swaddling For A Happy Baby With Miracle Blanket ~ Review

*I received the product below free for reviewing purposes. As always all opinions are my own. see disclosure.
As Mommy's To Be we are often bombarded with "do this.... don't do that" suggestions from everyone even strangers on what is best for baby. One suggestion that I was given when our daughter was born that I totally agreed with, and had wonderful results trying, was swaddling. When baby rests well swaddled so does everyone else too.

The Miracle Blanket is a specially designed and patented swaddling blanket to keep baby comfy and secure, and is made of 100% cotton. I love how it feels soft but is also not too thick which will be wonderful when the weather finally turns warmer. The Miracle Blanket comes in 16 different designs including the new 100% Bamboo Miracle Blanket. In order to facilitate this product review, I was sent the cotton Blue With Brown Polka Dots Miracle Blanket.

The best part about the Miracle Blanket is you can have your baby all wrapped up snug as a bug in just 4 simple steps. 
  1. Lay baby on open blanket and secure arms with the wraps. Then tuck loosely under back.
  2. Pull the foot pouch over baby's feet, and tuck extra up if baby's feet do not touch the bottom.
  3. Fold the shorter side over baby and tuck under their left armpit
  4. Last just wrap the longer side over baby's belly and continue to wrap around until you run out of blanket. 

Viola! Your baby is swaddled. To see how easy it is to swaddle baby, check out this quick video.

If you aren't convinced about the benefits of swaddling using a Miracle Blanket just read through these awesome features below. 
  • It's GUARANTEED to stop Colic!!! 
  • Will prevent facial scratches
  • Eases Fussiness For Any Baby
  • One size fits all up to 14 weeks
  • Stops the twitches that will wake your baby
  • Helps to make breastfeeding much easier
  • and it has a 100% Lifetime Guarantee 
We all want to cuddle and do everything we can to keep our little ones happy, and I can't wait to swaddle our precious little guy with this Miracle Blanket when we bring him home.

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  1. It looks like a great blanket. I definitely plan on swaddling my son when he arrives.
    Rafflecopter Name: Jay Dee

  2. This was the only swaddle that my big strong baby couldn't get out of. I always recommend this!

  3. My favorite feature is that it is one size fits all until 14 weeks.

  4. I like that it will ease fussiness for my little one

  5. I hope to swaddle my new baby when s/he arrives!

  6. We swaddled our little one with big muslin blankets, but I could see how this could help for babies who are little Houdinis!

  7. I swaddled but the little one always seemed to fight his way out of it. I think this would have kept him in it longer. I would surely try this.

  8. The best benefit is definitely that it helps baby sleep better, I swaddled my first two and it helped so much. I plan on swaddling our next as well!

  9. It's great that this is made of 100% cotton. My daughter is expecting soon and will definitely be swaddling!

  10. I love that it keeps babies from scratching their faces. Such a nice benefit!

  11. I like that it eases fussiness and promotes longer sleeping.

  12. My favorite feature HANDS DOWN is that it is guaranteed to stop colic. My daughter is a colicy baby, and I do swaddle her. It's a MUST!!


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