Sunday, March 2, 2014

Keep Baby Happy With Products From MAM ~ Luck Be A Baby Celebration

For the first Luck Be A Baby Celebration product feature today I am spotlighting MAM. Below you will find my overview of products that MAM sent to facilitate this post along with some personal opinions. Don't forget to come back March 10th-17th, 2014 for the Pot-O-Gold Baby Giveaway, where you can enter for a chance to WIN $50 in products from MAM along with other great prizes for baby! *Be sure to check out the other product overviews in our Luck Be A Baby Celebration at the bottom of this post too. 

~Since I am planning to breast feed, I have been on the look out for a great bottle that will not cause nipple confusion, and make the times I am not there to feed our son easier on him. Mam's Anti Coli Bottle seems like a great fit. Not only does it have a wide extremely soft silicone nipple, but the Anti Colic bottle will help with tummy issues. I will feel confident using this bottle from MAM that helps to ensure 80% less colic with their vented base, since the base keeps there from being any bubbles or foaming. Having a relaxed and happy feeding time while bonding time with Daddy or another is what I want for our son. 

picture of MAM's baby bottles and pacifiers
Fast sterilizing is great feature that these BPA Free bottles have and that will definitely save us new Moms some time when it comes to sterilizing. The MAM Anti Colic Bottle will sterilize in the microwave in just 3 quick minutes! For more information on how to sterilize in the microwave go here. Nice!

MAM also offers some super cute BPA Free pacifiers with the ultra soft silicone nipple. It will adapt to baby's mouth. Since it is always in the right position, it is wonderful for your baby's teeth and jaw development. They have a curved shield for comfort, and quite a few holes too for air to circulate making them a great pacifier choice your little one's skin. Both of my kiddos used MAM pacifiers as babies, and I plan to see our new little guy will take to them especially with all their super cute designs.

pictured are cute pacifier designs from MAM
The MAM Trainer Sipper Cup helps with the transition from breastfeeding straight to a sippie or from a bottle to sippie. It has a removable handles, which I love, and a no spill valve that is super easy to remove and replace for cleaning. A happy transition from bottle/breast is always great! Plus I just love the adorable designs these come it too. Aren't they cute?!
pictured is a cooler teether from MAMPictured is a trainer sippie cup from MAM in pink

MAM's line of cooler teethers have an easy grip just right for baby, and all Mom's know that teethers are really handy especially since you don't want your little one gnawing on just anything. Those sensitive little baby gums need some special loving. MAM has a variety of designs with bright colors for you to offer to ease their teething pain and above all keep our little ones Happy.

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*I received the products mentioned above free in order to facilitate this overview. As always, all opinions {good or bad} are my own. see disclosure.


  1. I really like the sippy cups featured here. The removable handles are very nice to have.

  2. I like the teethers and the easy grip for baby and the cool designs also. When our babies are teething, these are a must have

  3. I like the teethers they are colorful and look very baby friendly.

  4. I love the MAM Anti Colic Bottle that will sterilize in the microwave in just 3 quick minutes! I wish I would have had this with my son because he had colic. This is my favorite product!

  5. I love their sippy cups..... it is nice to be able to depend on one not to spill wihen it is knocked over

  6. I also plan on breastfeeding so finding a nipple that won't cause too much nipple confusion is key. I'll have to keep these in mind!


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