Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Warrior Huntress Costume Review ~ Halloween 2015

This year was the very first time my daughter had trouble deciding what to be for Halloween. She has always enjoyed dressing up, but now that she is nearly a teen her style is changing from that of a little girl. As a Mom, I was worried about finding something that both of us would agree on since she is already an inch taller than I am but still only twelve. When we started looking at costumes in adult sizes the selections were not what I would consider age appropriate for my tween. My daughter had quite a few stipulations on what she was looking for too, and to be honest I didn't know if there was a costume out there that would be what she was hoping to find.

After just a few minutes of searching online we found the Warrior Huntress costume at Costume SuperCenter, and it is perfect! The Warrior Huntress costume includes the dress with attached cuffs. and a belt with a satchel.  The main part of the dress is 100% polyester, and trimming and emblem on the bodice have a faux leather look and feel. This sleek costume is the right style for our girl since she is not into anything low cut. The dress goes all the way up to her neck line. With the long sleeves she will stay warm in the chilly October air we usually have here in the Midwest on Halloween. Note- To complete her look we added the black leggings and boots that we already had. Both of these were not included with the costume.

Personally I really love the look of the Warrior Huntress costume since it reminds me of one of my favorite movies, but my daughter has no idea how closely it resembles the main character's look since she hasn't ever seen them. Our daughter is super excited for Halloween 2015, so she can sport her new costume. This Mommy right here is so happy my girl loves the look, and that we found an excellent choice that is modest for girl her age. When a tween and their Mom actually agree on a clothing choice even if it is a costume... it's worth a happy dance right?! =)

If you are on the hunt for a unique or classic costume this Halloween make sure to check out all the fun costume New Arrivals

I would love to hear what your kids will be dressing up as this Halloween! Make sure to leave me a comment below. 


  1. Money has been tight and we have no room for things like this anymore. My son is a year and a half and we were going to go trick or treating. I almost canceled because I felt embarrassed that he didnt have a costume. Then my husband made us one! He bought some cheap pleather fabric and tattoo sleeves and made my son a biker vest! My husband and I wore bandanas and jackets we already had. He looked so cute! I wish there was a way to post a picture with a comment so I could show you lol.

  2. Such a fun costume! I don't dress for Halloween anymore. I handed out candy. It's my dog's favorite day of the year because he thinks everyone is coming by to see him. lol

  3. That is a cool costume. I didn't dress up this year. :(

  4. This is an awesome costume! I can totally rock this one to indulge my medieval side!


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