Monday, September 14, 2015

9 DIY Fall Decor Projects

I love to decorate for fall! This year instead of spending hours in the stores looking for just the right decorations, I am going to DIY a few projects to give my house a fantastic fall look! I found 9 DIY Fall Decor Projects that I can't wait to try and share with you! 
Fall Centerpiece 

Metallic Fall Sign

Corn-Husk White Pumpkins

Glittered Fall Leaves

Book Page Pumpkins

Pallet Pumpkins

Soda Bottle Pumpkins

Fall Leaf Stenciled Canvas

No Sew Pumpkin Garland

Which of these 9 DIY Fall Decor Projects will you try first? I think the kids and I will pull out the glitter stash and have fun making the Glittered Fall Leaves! Do you have a favorite DIY Fall Decor Project to share? I would love to hear about it in a comment!


  1. I am so excited for fall! It is my favorite season, and the only one I decorate for (except Christmas, of course-which is kind of a season all to itself!). I am pinning this and will definitely be trying some of these with my kids soon. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Fall is my favorite too! Thanks for the pin, and hope you enjoy creating some fun decor for the home this year with your kiddos.


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