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Travel The World With Your Kids ~ Little Passports World Edition Review

Teaching your kids geography can be a fun experience! As part of my Back To School Guide this year, I wanted to share with you a really cool monthly subscription kit that takes your kids on a learning adventure around the globe while having fun!
*I received this product for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. see disclosure.

Little Passports World Edition for 6-10 year olds is a monthly subscription kit that encourages a love of geography. Your children will learn about all different countries, and this kit has an interactive online component too. To start your trip, the first kit arrives filled with the supplies your child will need while exploring different countries around the world. You are introduced to Sam and and his best friend, Sofia who let them in on a secret; they made an amazing find in a relative's garage- a scooter with GPS to take them anywhere in the world. So the fun of discovering new countries in this World Edition kit from Little Passports begins.

Here is everything you will receive in the first shipment-
  • Blue Suitcase, which is great for keeping all the Little Passports activities, letters and other items together and organized for us parents!
  • Passport- this has pages for them to fill in along with lots of space to place the stickers from each country they visit in the upcoming kits
  • Welcome Letter from Sam & Sofia- This letter explains how Sam found the scooter in his Aunt's garage. (She also happens to be a scientist and inventor.) Along with more fun details too.
  • Stickers, Photo, and Activity Sheet- The activity sheet has them filling in a secret code to learn how to say "hello" in 5 languages, learning about animals from different continents, and more. 
  • Boarding Pass- The boarding pass is their gateway to the online component of this kit for your kids on the Little Passports website. It contains their secret code to sign in. You will probably need to assist them in setting up a member name and password this first log in, and make sure to save for future fun too. In the Boarding Zone there are interactive games for your child to play. The first three World Wide Games are World Trivia, World Map Puzzle and World Continents.
  • and Wall Sized World Map- This map (pictured below) has vivid colors, and all the countries are labeled. There's even a picture of Sam and Sofia on their special scooter too. The upcoming kits will have stickers to mark the countries they visit on this map, so your children can learn exactly where they are located on the map easily. How fun!
The following Little Passports World Edition explorer kits will arrive with activities to do from a new country. The Welcome Letter from our introductory kit let my son know that the first country he would be visiting is Brazil. Inside this first and every following monthly country kit are more fun activities, and letters from Sam and Sofia. 

Each monthly country kit includes (World Edition's Brazil Country Kit pictured above)-
  • Activity Sheets- The one we received from Brazil had Word Scramble, Talked about how Brazil's official language is Portuguese with a Word Search, and even contained a popular and tasty Brazilian dessert recipe to try. 
  • Photos- Our first photo from a country was the Red Uakari Monkey. Definitely a new favorite for my son now especially when he learned it was rare. 
  • Fun Stickers for your Blue Suitcase, Map and Passport- Placing the sticker on the World Map is such a simple but truly wonderful part of this kit. My son can easily spot the country we are learning about. He is talking about all the stickers he will get to fill up his passport, and cover his suitcase too. What I say... kids love stickers at least mine always have.  
  • New Boarding Pass for the country- This boarding pass has your new destination and secret code for access to all the fun games and activities on the Little Passport website related to the country. Don't forget to have your member name and password ready to help your child log in, if needed.
  • and Souvenirs- these are by far my son's favorite item to check out immediately! Then we will go through the other items in the package, to find out all about the souvenir first. The monthly country kit from Brazil contained amethysts which are mined in their country! 

We have been using the World Edition Kit from Little Passports to really dive into cultures and learn more about geography. My son loves having his own World Map, and putting the sticker on the country of the month. After going online to play the games and completing the included activity sheets, we found books and other resources to learn even more. These kits with the souvenirs, and exciting information about different countries have really sparked my son's interest in learning geography. The Little Passports World Edition kit has turned learning more about the world into a fun adventure that my son looks forward to doing, and I feel it is a perfect addition to my Back To School Guide this year. 

If you are looking for a fun and interactive way for your children to study countries around the world, Little Passports World Edition Kit is an affordable, and educational choice for as low as $11.95 a month plus shipping. You can learn more and Sign up on there website. If you have younger kiddos or are studying US History this year,  Little Passports also offers an Early Explorers Kit for ages 3-5, and the USA Edition kit for kids ages 7-12 too. 

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Little Passports has graciously sponsored a giveaway for one lucky reader to win a 3 month subscription kit, and the winner may choose between the Early Explorers Kit, World Edition Kit, or USA Edition Kit! The prize will include both the first month "starter" Kit and 2 monthly kits!!! ARV $36.00 

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  1. i love how it introduces kids to different countries or states
    flyergal82 AT (yahoo /dot $com

  2. I love that your child can travel without leaving the comforts of home loll :) and so many places to visit and see

  3. I love the kids being able to learn about traveling and different places. This is great for imaginary play which my son with Autism has troubles with. This would be a fun way to do imaginary play with him.

  4. I love that there's so many different activities in each month's box. Also that it's geared toward specific ages and levels. I think the World Explorer would be my favorite. Thank-you!

  5. I really like that they have different editions from early explorers to USA edition.

  6. I love that my kids can learn about different places right in our own home!

  7. I like that it encourages young people to learn about different cultures.

  8. I love that it teachers kids about different places and cultures. My daughter will love that it comes in the mail. She LOVES getting mail.

  9. Ashley Chassereau ParksAugust 29, 2015 at 7:08 AM

    I follow you on twitter under the name @AshleyParks1.... I thought it copied and pasted my twitter username in the box and when I hit enter, I realized it wasn't there! AH!! Sorry!

  10. Ashley Chassereau ParksAugust 29, 2015 at 7:15 AM

    I love that Little Passports has three different "adventure" stages for different ages! I really love teaching geography to my 4 year old.. I know we both would enjoy using something like this!

  11. It is great that it is for such a broad age group and encourages a love of geography! Thanks!

  12. I love that it teaches the kids about different countries in a fun way

  13. I love that this lets kids study different cultures around the world!

  14. I LOVE this. I would have had a blast with this as a kid, and I feel like this is a great educational but fun subscription.

  15. my granson like this kind of theings and then he would love gettign soem thing every moth

  16. My kids would love this. And I would love doing it with them as well. Traveling the world is a goal for my family.

  17. Oh my gosh this is adorable!! My little one and her cousins would adore this! What a great idea. I love how it would teach them about maps and travel and different areas of the world!


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