Sunday, August 23, 2015

Stay Informed This School Year With MobileArq

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The Back to School season is in full swing! You have new teachers, parents, and committees that you will be involved with over this new school year. Staying on top of what's going on in the classroom, and having an open line of communication with your children's teachers is important to all of us. I recently found a new app that enables you to have those directories right in your hand- MobileArq!

What is MobileArq? MobileArq is a secure mobile school directory that saves us parents from hunting down numbers. All the information you need is located within the app. It is an easy-to-use integrated solution with a school directory for parents. You are able to decide exactly how much information you share, and each parent can have an account with separate emails. Need to contact another parent about sharing rides, or a school project while away from your paper directory at home? No problem since you have the information to call, text, or email right in MobileArq. 

It even has features for your PTA/PTO. Using the MobileArq the PTA/PTO can collect dues, donations, and there's even an option for local vedors to advertise on the directory with proceeds benefiting the PTA/PTO.  Since it has a fundraising & group communications platform for the PTA/PTO, you can keep all the parents informed using this one source. Need to let everyone know about a fundraiser or change in meeting time, simply send a group message, and everyone has the update! Teachers and school groups can sign up, and using the group message option, are able to send a message to all their students/members at once too.

MobileArq has so many benefits, and help you keep in touch with your local school. They offer secure and unlimited customer service as well as experience. I love how easy they make it to stay in touch and stay informed with your children's school, clubs, teachers, and even other parents.

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