Friday, August 28, 2015

Are You Driving One Of The Deadliest Vehicles On The Road?

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Last year after our son was born, we realized that a new family vehicle was a necessity. There just was not enough room for our seven year old's booster seat, my tween daughter, and the baby's car seat in the back row of my car. We decided a roomier SUV would be a better option for us, so the hunt for a new ride began. After looking over tons of options in our price range which would be the safest choice became a deciding factor. Browsing through auto recalls and dangerous reviews had me ready to give up because I wanted to make the best choice for our children's safety!

I recently came across a wonderful resource that let's you know which vehicles are the safest, and which are the deadliest autos too.  If we would have realized this was available a year ago, I can tell you right now that it would have made our hunt for the perfect family vehicle a lot easier! 

Searching through this site, today I am happy to see that the SUV we are driving doesn't show up in the deadliest category, but it also doesn't fall in the safest either. You can take a peak at the results for 2 and 4 door cars, SUVs, pickups, luxury SUVs, luxury cars, and wagons/mini vans. Guessing no matter what type of vehicle you are driving or looking for they have the category you need to find out if it will safe or one of the deadliest on the roads. 

What do you do to research for new car? Do you think you would check out this site when you are in the market for a new family ride? Are you driving a dangerous vehicle and had no idea? Let me know in a comment below. 

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