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Hemp For the Thin Win Over Compression Leaks ~ Buttons Cloth Diapers Review

Now that we have been cloth diapering for over a year with our youngest, we have learned a few things about what works for us and what doesn't. Some things like microfiber inserts worked perfectly when my son was younger, but now that he is getting older and a little mover, we have been dealing with compression leaks in some of our diapers. Natural fibers, like hemp, are what I am turning too to save the leaky day! I call hemp inserts our thin win over compression leaks!

I received the products above in order to facilitate this review.  I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. see disclosure.

Buttons Cloth Diapers were our very first fluffy delivery, and we have been using their AI2 cloth diapering system since my little guy was just over 5 weeks old. They are who I recently turned to for a hemp insert to try for both daytime and nighttime use. Buttons Cloth Diapers are a one size, two in one cloth diapering system using water proof covers with snap in inserts. The covers are made with 2 layers of wipeable PUL, and have a snap closure. I recently received their Hemp/Cotton Daytime Inserts and Nighttime Hemp/Cotton Doublers to try out on our 1 year old little guy. If you are interested in more information about their Covers and the Microfiber Inserts, be sure to take a look at my Buttons Cloth Diaper review from last year.

The Buttons Cloth Diapers Daytime Hemp/Cotton Inserts and Nighttime Hemp/Cotton Doublers are both made with a premium natural fabric that is made with 55% hemp and 45% cotton, and have snaps to attach right on to the cover as part of the AI2 cloth diaper system. The daytime insert has 4 layers of the hemp/cotton blend and a super soft top layer of fleece to help wick the moisture away from baby's skin. The nighttime doubler has a total of 5 layers of the hemp/cotton blend, and is not meant be used next to baby's skin. It has the snaps on both sides, so it can snap to the diaper cover and to the daytime insert too. 

Both the Daytime Hemp/Cotton Insert and Nighttime Hemp/Cotton Doubler are available in two sizes. Small should fit baby from 9-20 pounds and has light orange stitching for daytime and dark orange on the nighttime doubler. While the large should fit from 20-35 pounds with the daytime insert featuring light blue stitching and dark blue stitching on the nighttime doubler.
After receiving the Buttons hemp/cotton insert and doubler, I first began the prepping (washing). Buttons recommends a hot wash and a few hot rinses. After doing that, I found that they need another couple washes and rinses before dribbling water on top of them appeared to soak in quickly enough for wear. (Also I did dry them in between each wash too.) 

Once the they were fully prepped, I couldn't wait to get them on the bum for a test. One of the first things I noticed is that even with 4 layers of hemp/cotton and the top microfleece layer, the daytime insert is still incredibly thin. After keeping it on my son for just over two hours, I was impressed that it absorbed great without any compression leaks even with our little mover running, climbing, and plopping down to play multiple times.  

(Ready for his nap with both the Daytime Hemp/Cotton Insert
 & the Nighttime Hemp/Cotton Doubler)
The nighttime hemp/cotton doubler has not disappointed me either! This doubler is just as thin as the Daytime Hemp/Cotton Insert, and the two together are still very trim. I did not have a problem fitting his jammies, shorts or rompers over both inserts together which is nice. I have used the nighttime hemp/cotton doubler for shopping trips, nap time, and overnight. With both of these inserts snapped together you are getting 9 layers of hemp/cotton plus that comfy fleece, and they are still super thin!!! Each time was a leak free experience, and I have to say, for how trim the insert and doubler are together, did not expect this combination to make it as his overnight diaper. They were completely soaked but held it all in the cover! That was a pleasant surprise and another reason I love the quality of Buttons Cloth Diapers.

Overall, the Buttons Cloth Diapers Daytime & Nighttime Hemp/Cotton inserts are definitely a win in my little battle against compression leaks. My favorite thing about Buttons Cloth Diapers is that they are so budget friendly with covers priced between $11- $12.50, and they offer such adorable solid colors and prints to choose from too. (I love the Cover in Sunshine that is pictured) The daytime hemp/cotton inserts are only $7.75 and the nighttime hemp/ cotton doublers are sold in two packs for just $19.50!!

~Isn't that little grey button just too cute on the Buttons Cloth Diaper Cover in Sunshine?! 
Connect and Shop Buttons Cloth Diaper through their website, and make sure to follow them on their social media listed below. 


Do you prefer natural fibers as inserts? Have you tried the Hemp/Cotton Insert and/or Doubler from Buttons Cloth Diapers? I would love for you to share your thoughts below! 


  1. I have a couple of their covers and I like how durable they seem. We don't have any inserts yet cause I'm still building our stash, but from what I've heard about hemp/cotton, those are definitely the ones I'll be ordering. The new sunshine color is so cute!

  2. I want to change all my inserts over to natural fibers so I will take a look at these now.

  3. I've switched over to all natural fibers and so far my diapers are smelling better. All my covers are giving out at once though. We moved a couple of years ago and the water here is really hard. We find rocks in our shower heads when we have to clean them out. I guess I was using a lot of laundry products to try to figure out our stink issues and it was really hard on my covers. I think I've got it all worked out now but all my covers are leaky and the lamination is falling off/apart. I'd love to try Buttons and I love hemp.

  4. They seem real durable and I like that it has natural fibers. A lot of babies seem to have sensitive skin.

  5. I love the hemp/cotton material. I hope more things are made with hemp in the near future :)

  6. I haven't been able to try hemp yet so far I only have bamboo, which luckily I don't have any problems with but I know hemp is a little better. The hemp cotton mixture definitely sounds like a win!

  7. the covers are adorable and great qulity for the price! however, i wish the natural inserts and overnight doublers were cheaper! its like they get you with the cheap covers then you're tempted into buying a bunch of their inserts!

  8. Really want to try some Buttons diapers!

  9. I just won two buttons diapers and am super excited to try them out. I have heard great things about bamboo and hemp inserts as opposed to microfiber. I'm new to cloth diapering and love the info from other mama's about CDING....thanks for the much needed info

  10. I really want to try the hemp inserts, heard a lot of good things about them!!

  11. So, I guess thin is the new in now. My girlfriends were complaining about the thin diapers available. But maybe they are not sure of the new hemp inserts. I still want to check them out myself though.


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