Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wild Kratts Super Sprinters ~ PBS KIDS Review

*I received the product below for reviewing purposes, but was not required to write a positive review. All opinions and content are my own. see disclosure.

Since both of my older two kids were little they have been fascinated with all things animals. We read books, watch movies and documentaries too. One of the shows my son loves to watch when he can is Wild Kratts on PBS KIDS

Wild Kratts is a cartoon, with real life segments at the beginning and end, that teaches about animals in a fun way. Chris and Martin Kratt team up with a few friends to study animals of all kinds in their habitat, and find out all about their unique features to see what makes them awesome. They use fun gadgets and travel around the globe on their adventures to learn more. Together with their team the Kratts take what they have learned and create their Creature Power Suits which allow the Kratts to, in a way, become that specific creature, and experience what it's like to be them which sometimes can be quite silly. 

On the new DVD release, Wild Kratts Super Sprinters, from PBS KIDS (available as of June 23, 2015) you can enjoy two fun episodes featuring the crazy antics of the Chris and Martin Kratt. Cheetah Racer has you rooting for the Kratts and their team as they are up against the silly villian Zach Varmitch, that you love to dislike, while learning all about the Cheetah's incredible land speed. It is amazing how fast they can actually run- 70mph!! Then in the second episode Falcon City, you learn that not all interesting animals have a rural habitat. The world's fastest animal, the Peregrine Falcon, can hits speeds up to 240 mph and lives in the city with their nests among tall buildings. During this adventure the Kratts also have to outsmart Zach Varmitech, and perform a daring rescue while using their Creature Power Suits. This DVD has a run time of approximately 60 mins and is rated NR (not rated)

My son adores having this Wild Kratts Super Sprinters DVD to watch his favorite crazy and silly brothers the Kratts. What I love is that after the episodes, he comes to me with fun quizzes to see how much I know about the animal of the day. He is learning quite a bit about the animal's habitat, specific "powers", and really enjoys the real life encounters segments that Chris and Martin Kratt feature for each animal. I would love to give PBS KIDS and those endearingly silly Kratts brothers a high five for keeping animal science fun for my second grader. Fun entertainment can equal learning, and this is such a cute way to study animals. HIGH FIVE from me to you! 

The Wild Kratts Super Sprinters DVD is available from PBS KIDS for just $14.99. 

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  1. This sounds like a very fun and educational DVD. I work at a school and am always looking for things like this. Thank you.

  2. I love PBS shows and educational programs/DVD's. Love the quiz thing after the episodes, that's a great way to make sure your kid is learning while having lots of fun :) I'll definitely keep this DVD in mind next time I go to get one for my boy because by the sounds of it, he'll love it too! :)

  3. My almost 3 year old cannot get enough of this show! and I love that it's PBS :)

  4. Lu is a 'tween" and still watches this sometimes. I will admit, I do not mind watching it, either.

  5. Love the Wild Kratts. We always watch it as a family!

  6. Cute my grand kids like this show.


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