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Imagine Baby Product's Cloth Diapering Overnight Solution ~ Review

When we first began cloth diapering, I read a lot on what was the best options for overnights. To be perfectly honest the posts scared me to death, and I thought we will just use disposables at night. Then our little guy arrived, and we lucked out with the fact that he was not a heavy wetter in his early months so cloth diapering overnight was easy. As he has grown that has changed, and I just can't bring myself to triple stuff with inserts. It looks so bulky on my skinny little one. This lead me to a cloth diaper option that I had previously been nervous to try- Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diapers. 

Received the products above for reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. see disclosure.

We are so happy to have found a bamboo fitted cloth diaper for overnights that will not break the bank. I circled back to the budget friendly company that you may remember seeing my review of this year - Imagine Baby Products. They have high quality cloth diapering options. I use their pocket cloth diapers and wet/dry bags which are wonderful! Now Imagine Baby Products had exactly what I had been searching for in an overnight solution- budget friendly bamboo fitted cloth diapers and covers!!!

The Imagine Baby Products Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diaper is a one sized diaper made with 2 layers of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, and super soft. According to their site, this is one of the most absorbent fiber combinations available. They also include a 4-layer bamboo soaker pad that snaps into the back of the diaper. The snaps are hidden and do not touch the skin. This fitted also has gathered casings for the legs. Best part of all this Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diaper retails for just $18.95, and is currently on sale for $16.95 (please keep in mind that the sale price could change at any time)
Since it is one sized fitted, there are three rows of rise snaps to adjust to fit your little one, and cross over waist snaps to ensure a great fit around the waist too. This fitted will fit baby from approximately 8-35 pounds. I love that Imagine Baby takes the guess work out of the equation with details on which rise setting to try first with an approximate rise setting guide in the product description.

Baby's Weight as a guide for the rise settings from Imagine Baby Products:
  • 1st row:  Small - 8-15 pounds
  • 2nd row:  Medium - 15-23 pounds
  • 3rd row:  Large - 23-35 pounds
I found this guide to be accurate for our skinny 14 month old. He is hanging right at 22 pounds since he has started running and climbing, so the 2nd row was a good choice for him. We will probably be moving up to the 3rd row in short order though. 

The Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diaper is available in 5 different shades Emerald, Lilac, Marigold, Indigo, and the color we chose Snow (pictured). You also have the option of choosing between hook & loop and snaps for closer. I have been using the snap closure, but am very interested in using their hook & loop too. 

We have used this bamboo fitted diaper overnight quite a bit over the last few weeks, and it absorbs wonderfully! Since the entire fitted diaper is absorbent, and including the soaker pad you have 6 layers of bamboo/cotton in the wet zone area. I also like that the soaker is a bit longer than the fitted and I can fold it down for extra protection where my sons gets most of his the front. Since the soaker is also detachable it allows this fitted to dry super fast. Now by itself the fitted diaper is NOT waterproof. It requires a cover, and that fact leads to what I think makes this overnight option a home run for us which is the Imagine Baby Products Cloth Diaper Cover. 

The Imagine Baby Cloth Diaper Cover is also a one sized option, and will fit your little one from approximately 8-35+ pounds. It has three rise settings in front, and double row snaps at the waist for a secure fit. The Cover is only $10.95, and priced even less right now on sale for $8.95 (again keep in mind the sale price could change at any time.) 

I am a huge fan of double gussets, and love how they hold in messes! These covers have great leg elastic, and the double gussets that have not left marks on our little guys legs, but still give a wonderful protective fit. 

We have used this cover as part of our overnight solution with the Imagine Baby Products bamboo fitted cloth diaper, but I have also tried it during the day with some of our prefolds. I really like the fact that it is able to wiped and reused multiple times. 

The Imagine Baby Diaper Cover is available in 9 different colors and prints, and also has the option of both hook & loop and snap closure. Love that you can coordinate the covers to match the bamboo fitteds too. Their bold colors and adorable prints are on trend and unique. I am loving the grey and white Ring-A-Ding print we received that is featured in my pictures here. 

Overall I have been impressed by the Imagine Baby Products Bamboo Fitted and Cover, and they both work well together as our overnight solution. My little one has not had a single leak, and this Mommy is loving less laundry since we aren't waking up to damp sheets and wet clothing anymore. Dry sheets and jammies are worth a happy dance in the morning right?! =)

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  1. This will be my next try for a nighttime solution. Our daughter is such a heavy wetter at night.

  2. I love fitteds and covers for night time!

  3. I love fitteds, would love to try this one out.

  4. This looks like a great overnight solution.

  5. I didn't know that image carried diaper covers (and they are double Gossett which is a must have) I've only seen their AIO and pockets but I prefer to use covers and prefolds! haven tried fitteds yet.

  6. I like imagine products quality and value,got the newborn bamboo and now I have the onesize bamboo all in one, have not tried this, I use thirsties fitteds and bamboozles for night.

  7. the fitted diapers look so cozy! just ran out of paper diapers for night time so guess what we are going to try ;)

  8. Imagine brand caught my attention because of their new print release. Im going to get the ai2 cover 😊

  9. I really like that cover! In fact, I just added it to my wishlist today.

  10. This looks like a good nighttime solution.


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