Monday, March 9, 2015

Imagine Baby Cloth Diaper and Wet/ Dry Bag Review

Cloth diapering on a budget is not only something that can be done, but it's a lot easier than I realized when we first looked into trying cloth diapers almost one year ago. When my husband said he would be on board if we used pocket or AIO {All In One} cloth diapers, I looked at the prices of a few brands. That gave me a bit of a nervous breakdown especially with the recommended 18-24 to start. Let me save you from that panic by introducing a wonderful budget friendly company that offers cloth diapers and more.
*sponsored post. I received the products mentioned below for reviewing purposes. As always, all opinions are my own. see disclosure.

Over the past couple weeks we have been using the Imagine Baby Products' One-Size Pocket cloth diaper and their Wet/Dry Bag. I have been very impressed by both of these product's performances and with their pricing.

The One-Size Pocket Cloth Diaper comes in a wide variety of colors and prints. With it being the month of all things lucky and green, I chose the Emerald color for the diaper which seemed very fitting for March. Next to baby's little bum is an extremely soft no pill fleece. It wicks that moisture away, and seems to keep our little one both dry and comfortable. 
This diaper features an adjustable rise with three separate snap settings. One thing I really like is that Imagine Baby breaks down the confusion of which rise is best with weight range suggestions to keep it simple when first fitting the cloth diaper to your little one. The smallest rise setting on the first row equals a small for 8-15lbs, second rise setting is their medium for babies that are 15-25lbs, and the third row, a large, will fit most babies from 23-35lbs. Our son is 10 months and falls perfectly into the medium setting weight range, and I found that setting to work great for him.

Just up from his nap, our little guy was being silly
playing the I am "This Big" game. 

The One-Size Pocket Diaper also includes double row snaps at the waist with two snaps on the tab for a great fit around baby's tummy. I am able to get a very nice and comfy fit on my son, and have not noticed any elastic marks around the legs or belly, which can be an issue with other brands we use. The diaper seems to have a stretchy quality that makes snapping a breeze. Since our little guy has started walking, diaper changes have become a wrestling competition, and must say I feel like I lose most rounds. These snaps click quick and hold tight, and your are able to stretch to your desired snap easily even when baby is moving.

Now while I really like the snaps and how the diaper stretches, my absolute favorite thing about the Imagine Baby One-Size cloth diaper is actually the adjustable microfiber insert. I despise trying to stuff pockets when the insert is just too long for our son, and has to be folded first. Even when I fold them down they seem to bunch up and take a few extra seconds of adjusting to keep them flat and in the perfect spot. When you are stuffing multiple diapers that gets to be time consuming and just plain annoying. With this one-size insert you snap to the small or medium setting and it goes in flat every time. If your little one is on the largest rise you will just simply stuff the insert in unsnapped. I have found this microfiber insert with 4 layers absorbs great. For us if a diaper with one insert can make it two hours in between changes without a leak,then it gets my seal of approval for our home. Now when my son is going down for a nap or when I tried it overnight, I did add a hemp insert, and found between the two inserts it kept him and his clothes dry. 

The Wet/Dry Bag from Imagine Baby Products has worked very well for us. The Wet/Dry Bag is made exclusively for Imagine Baby by Planet Wise. They are 13" x 16", and can hold up to nine diapers. I only use wet bags with both the wet section to contain the dirty diapers and dry areas for a our wipe pouch in our diaper bag when on the go. I like how they keep items separate, and free from contaminating each other. I have not had any issues with stinky odors or wetness leaking from the wet section of the bag. The inside PUL that according to the Imagine Baby Product website is also antimicrobial and helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, is a contrasting yellow color on the Rainbow Chevron pattern. It is my favorite Wet/Dry Bag right now since it is so adorable. Plus I have been totally sucked into the Chevron prints trend for baby items. Imagine Baby offers these particular wet/dry bags in 4 different patterns.
  • Flutter
  • Rawr
  • Rainbow Chevron (pictured)
  • Trees
With all high quality features in the Imagine Baby Products, I love that they are still priced for a tight budget. The One-Size Pocket Cloth Diaper with the adjustable insert retails for $13.95( I noticed today that they are currently on Sale for just $10.95 but that price could change anytime), and the Wet/Dry Bag is available for $20.95 and worth every penny in my opinion since it contains the odors and can hold quite a few diapers. 

*Until the end of April 2015 Imagine Baby Products is offering my readers the chance to use the code rainbow to get 5% off your order!!! 

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  1. I also have been shocked at the high price of some cloth diapers. The whole benefit of using cloth is to save money. If I am going to overpay for the diapers, I may as well just buy disposables.

  2. I use a wet/dry bag for my swimsuit. I swim 3 times a week and it's great.

    slehan at juno dot com

  3. I love the print on the wet bag!! So adorable!

  4. I initially started cloth diapering to save money, so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered how expensive some cloth diapers are! I got lucky and found some Imagine Baby bamboo prefolds at a garage sale and I absolutely love them. I wish I would have known about this inexpensive brand sooner. Thanks for the review, I'd love to try their pocket diapers now too!

  5. The Imagine wet bag is really cute! The diaper looks nice too! I like that it has snaps!
    -Hannah Avery or

  6. I scored some Imagine diapers as freebies with my other diaper orders. I really like them!

  7. I am totally in love with our Imagine products! I only wish the would fit a little longer, weight wise! My little is only 21 lbs and her OS already seems snug :( Crossing my fingers that she will thing out some and be able to wear it longer. Love our Flutter print, and Raspberry.


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