Sunday, December 14, 2014

Royal Fluff For Your Little One ~ Cloth Diaper Review

*I received the product below for reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. see disclosure.

I love to refer to my 8 month old as Mommy's Little Prince, but of course, there is not any royal blood flowing through his veins, no matter how much my husband teases. Regardless of titles and lineage, I can still cover my little prince's bum with some Royal Fluff Cloth Diapers! 

I received a One-Size Pocket Cloth Diaper from Royal Fluff, and have been very impressed. These One-Size Pockets will fit baby from 9lbs through 35+. Our little guy is right at 17 pounds, and on the slightly small side for his age. These cloth diapers feature 4 rise levels and snap closure at the waist with four snaps to secure each side. I was able to get a great fit on the second rise, and with the waist snaps. I can easily see that this diaper will fit him for quite awhile with two more rise settings to go.

These One-Size Pockets from Royal Fluff come with one insert which is made of three layers of microfiber terry cloth. That is plenty for about an hour or so of wear without leaks for our 8 month old during the day. We needed more absorbency for a extended wear like nap times and overnight. Since I only received the one insert that came with the cloth diaper, I used a hemp/cotton blend insert to be able to keep this diaper on for longer periods of time. It worked out great for us shopping, at nap time, and even overnight with just that one extra insert. 

Speaking of those inserts, you stuff these cloth diapers from the back, and it has one of my favorite features that I look for in a pocket cloth diaper- back elastic on the inside. I always feel like we get a better fit on my son, and the pockets do not ever poke out if it has the elastic there to hold it in. You will need to unstuff these for laundry day since the inserts do not agitate out in the wash. 
Now about diaper care, as far as washing goes, they fit right in with my normal wash routine. Royal Fluff recommends a cold rinse, warm wash cycle, with an extra rinse. The only difference for me is, I have started using warm water for my rinses. The water is just so cold in our pipes since the cold weather moved in, that I thought it should be warmed up a bit to get a better clean. 

Royal Fluff Cloth Diapers has some adorable prints and solid colors to choose from. We received the Rockets print, and I think it is super cute. They have quite a few prints that I really like, and their solids colors even stand out to me too with most all of their diapers featuring contrasting snaps. A couple I have added to my personal wish list are the Blue Plaid and Happy Dragons.  

The exterior of these diapers is made with a 100% polyester knit, and the inside of the cover has the waterproof PUL. This gives a cloth feel to the outside while still being able to wear without a cover. The inside that touches baby's skin is extremely soft fleece, and keeps baby's skin feeling dry with the wetness pulled towards the inserts in the pocket.

I really like using these One-Size Pockets from Royal Fluff. They have such a soft interior, and I know it's comfortable against our little prince's bum. Would highly recommend picking up an extra microfiber insert from Royal Fluff, or using your own to avoid leaks at nap time or during the night. Their design choices are so adorable. Can't help but love my little prince sporting his Royal Fluff!

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  1. I love some of their prints. They are so cute! I would love to try one

  2. I am new to cloth diapering but now Royal Fluff is on my list of brands to try! Thanks for the thorough review.

  3. That is a super cute print!

  4. Sounds like a great diaper, I haven't heard of this brand before. Looks like another diaper to add to my list to try!


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