Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hot Holiday Toys ~ Crayola Paint Maker #ChosenByKids

*Sponsored post. I was compensated to attend the event and review this product. All opinions are my own. see disclosure.

On December 6th, my kids and I attended the Holiday Toyland event at my local Wal-Mart. We were able to be "Official Toy Testers" and take an up close look at some of the hottest toys for the 2014 Holiday. (Make sure to check out the store dates and times because different areas will be having their Holiday Toyland Events this weekend (12/12 & 12/13), and you could go check it out!) 

My kids had a blast playing with a few toys, and seeing some of the toys in action and demonstrated for us. The worker Then when I told them we were going to go ahead and bring home Crayola Paint Maker, they were super excited! 

The Crayola Paint Maker is right on point with my older two children's interests. They have skills, when it comes to art, that I can only dream about since the artsy gene skipped right over me. They think being able to make their own paint at home is very cool. 

The items included in this set from Crayola-

  • 1 Bottle of Base Paint & 75 Paint Strips
  • Color Mixing Guide
  • 1 Detachable Paint Pot Palette/Holder
  • 1 Paint Maker Base with Crank & mixer
  • 1 Detachable Utility Palette for Paint Strip Storage 
  • 1 Detachable Handle
  • 4 Base Clips
  • 15 Paint Pots and Labels
  • 10 6"x9" Paper Sheets & 1 Paint Brush

After simply snapping together the Paint Pot Palette and Utility Palette to the Paint Maker Base with the 4 Base clips. You are good to go. Now it's time for their creative play to begin. Using the provided color guide/chart, your kids just pick out which color they would like to make, squirt some paint base in one of the Paint Pots to the fill line (make sure you do not overfill), and add the color strips needed to make that particular shade. I will say that it can be difficult to remove the plastic lining from the strips sometimes, and I had to help them with this part especially. Also the strips are pre-perforated into 5 equal mini-strips, so when using the color guide you use the amount of mini-strips not a full strip.
Next it is time for mixing. You snap the Paint Pot with the lid closed tightly in the Paint Shaker. Then just turn the crank in one direction for approximately thirty seconds. Take it out and open the lid to make sure the color is well mixed. If it isn't just place it back in the Paint Shaker for another good mix. After it is good and blended together, place your label on the Paint Pot..... Ta-da!! The kids have made their own paint for art time. 

After they are done with their project, clean up is really a cinch since the paint never actually touches the Crayola Paint Maker pieces. Wipe down any small spills or drips, if you had any, and rinse out the Paint Brush. Then secure the caps on the Base Paint and Paint Pots. Snap them into the storage tray on the Paint Pot Palette, and close the Paint Strip Storage lid. The included paper, Color Guide and Labels all neatly slid between the two sides of the base. Then you fold both the Paint Pot Palette and Utility Palette up and simple secure with the Detachable Handle with a snap. Now the whole Crayola Paint Maker is combined into one easy to carry and put away set. I really like that it all can be kept together, and I didn't need to come up with special storage. Keeps everything nice and neat, and with three kids that is just what this Mommy likes.

Since he was too young to enjoy the Paint Maker with my older kids, our little guy found a way to have fun with the box. =)
The Crayola Paint Maker, which is recommended for ages 8+, has been a big hit with my kids, and is such a fun way for them to get really involved in their art work. If you have your own budding artist at your home too, I think this would definitely make fun gift idea! 


  1. This sounds like it is a cool toy. My boys are under 8 so I may want to stay away though.

  2. This definitely sounds like something my son would enjoy. He's only 3, but still something he'd probably like to get his hands on. ha It sounds like a really neat toy. And it would make a great gift.

  3. I am always impressed with Crayola. Their toys really are easy to use and spark a child's imagination. My girls have this toy and love it.

  4. Sounds like you had a lot of fun testing out the toys! My girls would love to have the Crayola Paint Maker!

  5. That would be so much fun! Crayola has such great products!


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