Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hearts For Hearts Girls Review

Hearts For Hearts Girls sent me their adorable 14" doll, Zelia from Brazil for reviewing purposes. After receiving the doll and learning more about the company and their mission.... I have fell in Love! 

What girl doesn't love a doll with a unique story behind her? That is just what the Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls have. They offer dolls from Brazil, the United States and other continents as well. Each doll has a story that gives insight into their own unique culture and causes.

Hearts For Hearts Girls has a mission statement, "We invite all girls to become agents of change- to improve the lives of girls in their communities, across their country, and around the world. We promise to deliver meaningful products and experiences and to tell all girls, "You can help!"  What an encouraging and thought provoking way to grab young girls' hearts, and keep them thinking of ways to better their world.

The 14" Zelia doll whose outfit is authentic to her specific culture in Brazil also includes a comb, girl sized friendship bracelet, and a mini book. Zelia's arms and legs are able to posed, and she has life like big cinnamon brown eyes. The included mini book story is about what Zelia's life is like, and how she has found ways to help her parents on their coffee farm in Brazil. She has a desire to save the rain forests, and her family gets behind her by planting rain forest trees on their farm. They have incorporated a wonderful cause within Zelia's personal story. Loved it!

Each Hearts For Hearts Girls doll also includes a code for membership to the Hearts For Hearts Girls website. There your girls can find fun kid-safe games, activities, stories, videos and more. The website has a really cool and age appropriate world education connection for girls. My daughter is studying World History this year, and what better way to keep learning fun than this cool website for girls about girls from all different parts of the world. Not only does the website connect with cultures from around the world, but also with her doll, Zelia that she already loves.

Hearts For Hearts Girls has also partnered with World Vision. When a doll is purchased a portion of the proceeds goes to help children in her country through World Vision. Just another way Hearts For Hearts shows they are dedicated to improving the lives of girls around world. 

~We love the Hearts For Hearts Girls doll Zelia at my house! Priced at ONLY $27.99, I feel like these would be an affordable addition to any little girls doll collection this holiday season.  If you would like to connect with Hearts For Hearts Girls and see what other dolls they offer for you to fall in love with, you may visit their website or connect with them on Facebook.

Now who would like a chance to 

Win a Hearts For Hearts Girls 14" Doll? 

~That's right Hearts For Hearts Girls has graciously offered to sponsor a giveaway!!!

Dates October 30 - November 10, 2013 

To enter simply go HERE

*I received this product free for reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. As always, all opinions {good or bad} are my own. See Disclosure


  1. the doll is so pretty. I like how they have a website with fun games and activities. Great idea to put some of the proceeds to each country that the doll is from

  2. I love that they partnered with World visions and donate part of the proceeds :)! I have lots of little girls in my family (cousins and nieces) I know they would love to get a Heart for Heart girls doll for Christmas and I would feel good buying it knowing that a portion went to a good cause :) Thank you for sharing!!

  3. This is a very pretty doll. If I had a little girl I would love to give it to her.

  4. I like they partner with world visions and I really love they have stores to help educate our children

  5. I love that fact the doll is 14", Beautiful doll, would definitely want this for my daughter.

  6. I love that the doll comes with a story. Teaching our children about other cultures and other people is how we create empathy and peace.

  7. I love that Hearts For Hearts Girls were created to inspire girls and teach them about different cultures.
    I also love that they donate part of the proceeds to World Vision which to me says a lot about the integrity of the company itself.


  8. I love how when a doll is purchased a portion of the proceeds goes to help children in her country through World Vision, that is wonderful!

  9. I love the book that comes with her

  10. I love that they partner with the charity and that girls can go online to play too!

  11. Honestly, I love that they are dressed modestly...so many dolls nowadays are dressed horribly inappropriate for the age groups. =)

  12. I love that there is also access for their website. Definitely makes the doll more versatile

  13. I love that each doll comes with a book, this iwould be a great doll for a little girl.


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