Thursday, April 26, 2012

Super Blake and the Cavity Monster Review

Sometimes, I am totally blown away by the difference between raising a little boy versus a little girl. I know some people do not like to hear this but in my family's case it's true..... boys are different than girls! My daughter would cuddle up with me and read books for as long as my voice would hold out. However, my son is a different story altogether. For the most part, he will only stay interested in non-fiction books and even then it's only 3-5 minutes max. With that being said, I sat down while both he and his older sister were playing play-doh at the dining room table and read him Super Blake and the Cavity Monster written by Tracy Bickhaus. My son loved the story! Then after his play-doh time was over he picked up the book and asked if I would read it again cuddled up on the couch! That right there is huge..... give this cute story a five star review for that alone

Author Tracy Bickhaus
Author Tracy Bickhaus did an amazing job of keeping the details simple while getting her message across to kiddos of a young age to brush their teeth.  After reading the second time, I asked my son what he needed to do to be a super hero and beat the "bad guys/girl" from the book-the Cavity Monster and his nasty sidekicks Ginger Vitis and Sir Plaque. He answered, "Brush my teeth 2 times and floss!" Great book with a good health message that even a 4 year old can grasp!!! Super Blake and the Cavity Monster is the first in a series of 8 and I can't wait to pick up the next one. Although this book is geared towards younger children (ages 3-8) my daughter age 9 enjoyed it as well. She even read it to my son while I was writing this review!!! =)

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  2. My favorite story was "Bobo, and his blue jacket" it was in a book full of children's animal stories. Loved it. My Mom read it over and over to me!

  3. My favorite book when I was very young was a cute story about a little girl and her grandpa. I think the title was Grandpa and Me. My mom read me that story until she probably hated it but I loved it!

  4. Green eggs and ham was my favorite

  5. My favorite book was either green eggs and ham or Are you my mother?


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