Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg Coloring Fun!!!

Egg coloring on the Saturday before Easter is a tradition in my family. Some of my favorite memories from this time of year were coloring eggs with the family. My Grandparents would come over and color them with us.  Everyone would be laughing, taking pictures and talking about the Easter plans for the next day. It was a super fun stress free time.... now is good time to throw out there...crafts stress me out. They always have.... not sure why but it just doesn't come easy. I'm a little OCD about messes and crafts are very messy. Also there's the fact that my family all seems to have that artist/crafty gene.... except for me! lol But coloring eggs doesn't take much talent.... anyone can be an artist for a day

My sister and I always knew whose eggs were whose, and loved to show off our finished "art work". There is a million ways to make your eggs special and unique to you. We use white crayons to make a "Humpty Egg" (all cracked looking), egg tatoos, stencils..... the list goes on. It's just a fun time when that artsy gene can come out and play for a day.

If you have dyed fingers from coloring eggs with your kiddos today... be proud.... because they will look back and remember how much fun they had with their family during the Easter holidays!!! Making memories doesn't always mean lots of money spent and a trip to a new place. A precious memory can be the time you colored eggs in the dining room with your Grandpa or Mom or whoever. A special memory is just a moment in time that meant so much to you. 

**Happy Easter to all you Egg Coloring Artists**
Now to wash my hands for the hundredth time! It just won't come off.... will it!


  1. I can't wait until my son is old enough to do this. I bought the stuff to do it with my step son this year but now we will not have him for easter so yet another year I don't get to have the joy of coloring eggs. Ya'll did a great job!

  2. Looks like fun to me! Glad you guys had a good time and also glad you have happy memories of this time of year!

  3. Those are some of my happiest memories of time spent with family! Love that traditions aren't lost!

  4. We don't color eggs because no one eats them, lol. But we do have an egg hunt (with plastic eggs) on Easter morning and that's always a lot of fun! Now that they're getting older it's becoming more and more of a challenge to find good hiding spots ;)
    Life with our Family

    1. Here's our secret..... we don't really eat ours! LOL My daughter is the only one who will eat them.... so right now I have about 20 colored eggs in the frig. Know it's wasteful but it's Easter so oh well. ;)

  5. Great time and great fun while doing this activity together. I love it and we've been at coloring eggs for ages!

  6. I have very fond memories of coloring easter eggs when I was younger. My grandparents had a chicken farm, therefore we always colored tons of eggs. On Easter we had a huge hunt. Yesterday, my own children had their easter egg hunt there too. It is like reliving my childhood watching them gather eggs in the same place I did every Easter.

  7. Looks like you guys had lots of fun! I love the bright colors!!! :)

  8. Thank you, The bright colors are my favorite ones. =)


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