Friday, April 27, 2012

Shaving Cream Can Equal Fun Learning

At our house we hit what I call "Homeschooling Burnout" about once a week. That's when we change things up and play games!!!

One item we are never out of in this house is shaving cream. This is easily used to teach penmanship, spelling and math. My Mom, who was my teacher from 5th grade thru high school, taught us in a variety of ways how to have fun while learning. She's who showed me how to use shaving cream to keep things from getting boring. You simply cover a table with a plastic table cloth if you would like. Then spray a nice size pile of shaving cream...NOT GEL... I usually use the cheap Barbasol kind. Next you simply smooth it out and now you have a tablet for writing and drawing that can be easily "erased" by wiping it smooth again and again. It will get messy.... but it easily washes off clothes and wipes up without much effort at all! =)

My 4 yr old tracing before shaving cream time.
For younger ages, especially preschool and Kindergarten, you can use shaving cream for teaching how to write letters and numbers. Always show a over-sized letter or number, and have your lil one trace with their finger first. *I usually put the paper inside a plastic cover to protect the page. Then have your kiddo practice in the shaving cream. With younger ages try not to bore them with too much repetition... a few minutes of practice is good enough then let them play by drawing shapes and driving their cars through it to make roads. Trust me their imagination will take over and they will just have fun with it.

Practicing one of her spelling words- city
drilling math facts
For elementary grades I use the shaving cream during penmanship, spelling and Math time, as well. For instance, with my daughter, who is in 3rd grade we use the shaving cream to practice cursive handwriting. A different/fun way (without lined paper) to learn how to start forming those flowing cursive letters. This is also great for working on the new spelling words that your kiddos may be having a difficult time learning. Just have them practice that tricky word in the shaving cream a few times. Breaking it down by syllable in the white mushy stuff can really help them and it's just fun hand's on learning. We also use the shaving cream while reviewing math facts. I will hold up her flash card and she will just write the answer in the shaving cream. Sometimes a little variety is all it takes to change review time into a new fun game that your kiddos will ask to play. I mean.. who doesn't want their 3rd grader to beg to do multiplication flashcards? ;)

The main reasoning behind this post is to get you to just think outside the curriculum, worksheets, and manuals when writing your lesson plans. Look for ways to use an everyday fun thing or a game to teach a new concept or review. I feel there is a time for worksheets and tests, but my unschooling background keeps me looking for different and fun ways to incorporate a subject into a game. 

 Remember Learning Can and Should Be FUN!!! =)


  1. Used shaving cream this week with two of my students! Fun!

    1. Way to keep things interesting!!!! High Five your way! Think us homeschooling parents/ aunts... need to cheer each other on! =)

  2. Brilliant idea and looks like lots of fun even though they're still learning.x

  3. That is an AWESOME idea! I have a 6 yr old step daughter that would rather do ANYTHING but learn! So we have to try to hold her attention to learn.

  4. My 4 year old would love practicing her letters and numbers this way!

  5. This is a unique and fun idea. I will have to try it out with my oldest son. Thanks for linking up at #ThrowbackThursdayLP. I cannot wait to see what you link up next week.

  6. I can't wait to try this with my son!


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