Monday, March 2, 2015

Southwest Beverages ~ Review

*I received the products below for reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are my own. see disclosure.

Snow, Ice, Sleet, Slick Roads, and Shoveling Snow. It's just another fun beginning to March in the Midwest. Brrr! I am so ready for sunshine, spring, and blooming flowers. Thankfully the Southwest has sent some warm and delicious comfort to the Midwest, and it is just want we needed. 

Southwest Beverages offers Sippity, a dry mix cocoa, and Kemosabe gourmet coffee, also a dry mix. Both of these delicious hot beverage mixes are also available in a Lite variety. The mixes have been perfected with high quality ingredients from American suppliers. All of their products are proudly made in the US, and that is just one of the reasons this company is wonderful in my eyes. Another very important fact to mention about these two crave worthy hot beverages is that they are 100% Gluten Free and 99.9% Caffeine Free. 

Now for the flavors!!! They have so many decadent choices for everyone's particular tastes and preferences. The Sippity and Sippity Lite Cocoas come in 6 flavor choices. The Sippity Lite has less than 2 grams of sugar per serving, and surprising to me, both of my older two kids preferred the taste of the Sippity Lite cocoas over the original Sippity that has 33 grams of sugar. 

Sippity and Sippity Lite Flavors-
  • Pumpkin Spice- One of my daughters favorites! We both thought this flavor was so creamy! 
  • Chocolate- We enjoyed this flavor, and it tastes about like you would expect a rich chocolate cocoa to taste. My son really like this flavor since he was not too big on messing with variations of what he calls his favorite yummy drink. 
  • Chocolate Peppermint- Just the smell of this one brought up that warm happy feeling of the holidays for me. Even though my kids didn't like this one as much, I thought it was delicious!
  • Chocolate Marshmallow- This was the only flavor that my son liked besides Chocolate. I can definitely see why since we do usually add marshmallows to his cocoa. It's a creamy chocolate cocoa with the marshmallow flavor already there. 
  • Chocolate Raspberry- We honestly just didn't care for this flavor nearly as much as all the others, and I would have to say although it does taste okay, this flavor combination just wasn't for us. If your family likes raspberries, you would probably enjoy this hot beverage.
  • Chocolate Cinnamon- This was my favorite!!! I loved the cinnamon with the chocolate! It was very creamy, and had just enough cinnamon to not be to over powering. SO GOOD! 
All of these Sippity and Sippity Lite Cocoas are available for purchase in single serve envelopes and 8, 25, and 50 packet boxes. You can also purchase them in a one gallon pitcher filled with the dry mix that makes about 50 portions. 

Had some reservations about the Kemosabe gourmet coffee from Southwest Beverages at first. I am a huge coffee drinker, and do not usually use a dry mix. I am also a self proclaimed non-dairy creamer addict, and will not even put in print how much creamer we go through in a week! To say I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious the Kemosabe gourmet coffee is would be an understatement! I have not even added creamer one time to the Kemosabe coffee, and that IS saying a lot!!! They are, for a lack of a better word, simply delicious! The Kemosabe Lite gourmet coffees have less than 1 gram of sugar and come in all the same flavors are the Kemosabe. There are currently six different flavors.

Kemosabe and Kemosabe Lite Flavors-
  • Mocha- This is my go to flavor when purchasing coffee while out and about. I love being able to grab me a quick cup of this in the early afternoon. Very good!
  • Chocolate Cinnamon- Like the Sippity Cocoas this Kemosabe flavor was also one of my favorites from Southwest Beverages. Goes well with my morning oatmeal. So tasty!
  • French Vanilla- This is my go to creamer choice, and I really like the smooth delicious flavor of this french vanilla dry mix. 
  • Chocolate Irish Cream- Loved this flavor... honestly I loved them all. If you enjoy Irish Cream than this rich flavor is a great one for you.
  • Crème Butterscotch- Very good, but I wasn't surprised that this was so delicious to me since I am a sucker for all things butterscotch. 
  • Chocolate Hazelnut- I saved this one for last because I cannot even describe how over the top delicious and decadent this coffee from Southwest Beverages is. I would not share this flavor with my husband, and almost feel guilty for not even letting him try it.... notice I said almost. If I had to choose a favorite from all of the Kemosabe gourmet coffees this would be it hand's down! Such a deliciously sweet and smooth drink that dare I say, feels like a dessert in a mug. It is that good.
All of the Kemosabe and Kemosabe Lite gourmet flavored coffees are available for purchase in single serve envelopes, 12, 25, and 50 single serve packet boxes. These flavored coffees also come in one gallon pitchers filled with the dry mix that will make approximately 100 portions. 

Each of the packets can make one 8 ounce cup, but I will say that they mention on the packets that you can use more or less hot water depending on your on taste. For us I did basically divide each Sippity Cocoa packet between two mugs for my kids, and they enjoyed them just fine. You can also use milk in the place of water for a richer taste, but we didn't try that ourselves since I don't use milk often being lactose intolerant. 

Whether the weather is chilly or warm, the Sippity Cocoas and Kemosabe gourmet coffees are sure to be a big hit. We have enjoyed them over the last few weeks, and they definitely helped fight the cold. With all of Southwest Beverages being Gluten Free and nearly caffeine free at 99.9%, feel like Sippity Cocoas are a wonderful choice for my kids to sip on at breakfast or when coming in from playing outside. I have savored the flavored gourmet Kemosabe coffees with my breakfast, and as my afternoon treat too. 

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  1. Mmm...those sound so good. I would love to try the Creme Butterscotch!

  2. Chocolate Peppermint would be my first choice, but would like to try all the others.
    slehan at juno dot com

  3. I do not drink coffee but the cocoa flavors sound great.

  4. Wow this looks like awesome coffee, would love to try it.

  5. Yum, I think the chocolate cinnamon would be my favorite as well; That is often how I make my hot cocoa at home. It seems like they have a lot of great flavor combinations.

  6. It's really hot where I live right now, but these still sound really good. We head up north to our old home state once in the summer every year and up there it gets chilly at night. It's so nice. We like to drink hot chocolate in our hotel room while we're up there and every year we end up looking for some gluten-free chocolate for our son. The stores up there are much better than here and we know where to find gluten free hot chocolate, but it's always plain, not flavored. I think my son would really like something like this. :)

  7. I've never seen such a variety of flavors. The Crème Butterscotch sounds delicious to me.

  8. Ive never heard of this brand!! What great flavor variety!!! I bet Id love the cinnamon one the best too!! I fill my coffee with cinnamon in the morning :)

  9. Well, you have found one of my weaknesses - I love discovering different companies' coffee and hot chocolate. I'm intrigued by the fact that these are dry mixes - so they would be great for traveling, and for me to take to work. If someone told me I could only try one, I would sure go for the Chocolate Irish Creme......


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