Thursday, February 26, 2015

How To Get Rid Of The Ammonia Smell In Cloth Diapers ~ Rockin Green Funk Rock Review

My cloth diapering wash routine hasn't change much over the last several months. We found a laundry detergent that works for our family, Rockin' Green, and haven't change it since that first load. Up until recently I wasn't even sure why others had problems like stink and ammonia build up in their cloth diapers. Then it happened to us! Oh my... that odor! Why had our precious fluff turned on me? What had changed? Why did our son's cloth diapers suddenly have such an overwhelming ammonia smell that had my eyes burning?

*I received the product below in order to facilitate this review, but I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. see disclosure.

Well Rockin' Green eco-friendly cleaning products came to our rescue with Funk Rock their all natural ammonia bouncer for laundry. This powder is SLS, phosphate, soap, and enzyme free. The 16 oz. package I received contains enough powder to use in up to 30 loads of laundry. While Funk Rock is recommended as a great way to help with cloth diapers, you can also use this product for pet or potty training laundry. I want to mention is that it is made in the USA too. 

Now back to how my ammonia problem began in the first place. Need to be honest with you and myself here. I was becoming lazy with washing, and had started going four or sometimes, I am ashamed to admit, more days before washing. Although in my defense the time I went six days ( yes, 6! That's not a typo) we were snowed in at my parent's home, so I came home to some stinky laundry. Another factor is our baby is growing up and not just on breast milk anymore at 11 months. He is now eating a wide variety of foods. Our son will also have watered down juice on occasion as a treat. The point... It was MY fault for not staying on top of the laundry, and that is why we had to deal with this eye watering, take your breath away, smelly ammonia problem.

I began using Funk Rock ammonia bouncer right away by doing a soak, as suggested on their package, for about one hour. We have a top loading washer, so I just added my diapers and the recommended 4 tablespoons of Funk Rock as the basin was filling. Rockin' Green recommends no more than 20 diapers at one time when using Funk Rock, which is almost how many we go through in 3 days. Next I simply paused the rinse cycle after it was done filling and walked away with a timer set for myself to go back to restart it. 

After my timer let me know the cloth diapers had finished their one hour Funk Rock soak, I simply continued with my normal wash routine. First finished that pre-rinse cycle, then did a hot wash on a heavy duty cycle with enough Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent for a large load (3 tablespoons), and finally the last extra rinse. I could tell a difference as soon as I pulled the inserts from our dryer. They didn't have a not quite clean smell, and when our son let it flow in that first clean diaper, my eyes weren't burning. Funk Rock as a pre-treater works on our cloth diapers. The ammonia odor is gone, and this Mommy right here is thrilled.

Now to maintain funk free fluff, first of all, not going to allow myself to go more than three days between washes. The second thing is on wash day I have added an extra very simple step to our wash routine, we put one tablespoon of Funk Rock in that first pre-rinse cycle. Then I continue with my original wash routine. We have not had another issue with any eye watering ammonia stink since, and my adorable cloth diapers and I are friends again. So happy because I truly love the fluff! Rockin Green's Funk Rock all natural ammonia bouncer does the job, and I definitely recommend giving it a try if your cloth diapers have an ammonia odor.
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Have you had issues with ammonia in your cloth diapers? Let me know how Funk Rock worked for you, or if you have another go to method in a comment below. 


  1. I've had ammonia issues before. I bleached the diapers to get rid of it, then started rinsing night diapers before putting them in the pail. It's worked well.
    I do agree that the pee gets more potent as baby moves onto solids!

    1. It definitely does! I haven't tried rinsing my son's night diapers before to help with the build up. That is a great idea, and makes perfect sense to get as much out before it sits until wash day.

  2. This sounds like a great product to prevent the ammonia issue.

  3. Hopefully I will never need this, but it's good to know it worked so well for you!

  4. I also rinse before putting into the wetbag, especially now that my son is eating solids and peeing so much more! It's helped I think, too. I've never heard of this but am intrigued. I use Tide HE powder and haven't had any issues so far. FX.

  5. I just started cloth diapering a couple of weeks ago. I'm using Rockin Green for hard water. Most of my diapers come out smelling clean but some don't, I think it's the night ones. I may start using this as a preventative measure. Maybe rinsing inserts first will help too as others suggested. The rinse cycle on my HE washer that I use before I wash doesn't seem to make a difference. The smell is still strong.


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