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Buttons Cloth Diapers Velour Wipes and Diaper Pail Liner ~ Cloth Diaper Accessories Review

While cloth wipes and a diaper pail liner may not be a necessity to begin cloth diapering your little one, we soon realized they sure would make our life easier and help our budget. These two items have been a great addition to our cloth diapering stash. We save money by not purchasing disposable wipes now. Also pail liners hold more than a large wet bag, and it's just convenient to have them all together in one place for wash day. 
*I received the products mentioned below for reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive revivew. All opinions are my own. see disclosure.  
After giving flannel wipes a try last year {take a peak at my review}, I realized that budget friendly cloth wipes equals quality at Buttons Cloth Diapers. Now that they offer velour wipes too, I was dying to give them a try, and throw them in our cloth wipe rotation. 

The Velour Wipes from Buttons Cloth Diapers come in a 6 count package, and they are available in the cute, gender neutral green apple color. These wipes are actually two sided. The front side features the velour, while the other is a microfleece. 
The Velour Wipes are super soft, and slightly larger than the flannel wipes. The velour side is wonderful for the really icky messes. One thing I noticed was that while I usually moisten my wipes before hand and keep them in a tub, the velour wipes work best when using a spray for us to wipe our little one's bum. They just didn't stay a damp as the flannel wipes do, but with them being larger than the flannel wipes, I definitely use just one or at the most two during diaper changes. They get the job done easily. When using the flannel wipes I do have to use more than just one wipe during some of the icky changes quite often.

Velour Wipes from Buttons have double duty around our house since they are so soft. I use them to wipe my son's face, and have even given them the bath time test that they passed with flying colors. These wipes are also now a staple in my diaper bag for more than just a diaper change. Love that I can pack a few, have the wipes I need for one the go, and a just in case wash cloth too. 

The Buttons Diaper Pail Liner is made from the same PUL that is used in their cloth diaper covers, so it is safe to say that this cloth diaper accessory contains the wetness easily. This diaper pail has an elastic drawstring closure, and 3D shape too. Which means it fits perfectly into the bottom of your pail ...basically flat. Other diaper pail liners I tried to use haven't been able to do that.  

The Buttons Diaper Pail Liner is also lot larger than the liner we had been using before, and I love it! The diaper pail liner dimensions are 26" tall and 16" in diameter. If you are like me, those numbers mean absolutely nothing! I am horrible with judging the size of things based on their dimensions. I just have to see. Well to give you an idea of what those number mean, this liner is able to easily fit in a 13 gallon kitchen garbage can (pictured). 

Elastic Drawstring Closure on the Buttons Diaper Pail Liner
Whatever size cloth diaper pail your family has chosen to use, all you have to do is put this liner inside, and then cinch up the convenient drawstring for a tight fit. Since the Diaper Pail Liner is a large size and has a 3D shape, it can hold a lot of diapers. I can easily keep 3 days worth of our cloth diaper laundry inside one liner.
The Buttons Diaper Pail Liners are available in the following colors and prints.
  • Blueberry (pictured)
  • Pebble
  • Strawberry
  • Thicket
  • Charming ( on my wish list since I am into all things Chevron lately)
I am once again impressed with the Buttons Cloth Diaper accessories. They are reasonably priced and great quality, which is something I am always on the hunt for. The Velour Wipes are just $7 for a 6 count package, and the Diaper Liner is only $16. 

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  1. Those look like nice wipes. I made my own out of flannel but haven't got a chance to try them out yet - my baby is due in June.

  2. These wipes look so soft! Just started using cloth wipes last week and I'm smacking myself on the forehead saying, "Why did I not start this months ago??"

  3. I've been looking into cloth wipes, and while I'll make most of mine, this is a great option! I've only seen the flannel before, but these sound so soft!

  4. Ooh velour wipes sound amazing!! That is an awesome idea.

  5. I haven't even seen velour wipes! What a smart idea! I need to try some out!

  6. I'm making some flannel wipes, but I think it would be great to have some velour wipes on hand for the really yucky changes. I love my Button's diaper covers, and I would love to have a pail liner in Thicket print.

  7. Oh! Now that my days of cloth diapering after 11 years are winding down do I discover velour wipes. It's not I've been hearing a lot about Buttons diapers lately. :)

  8. Ive been looking for nice wipes and i think ive found them out buttons cobers were our first diapers ... Memories lol

  9. That looks like a great liner . . I have an odd shaped pail, but I bet that would work great!

  10. Those wipes look a lot better than the ones I tried to make myself lol maybe if I get some of these I'll actually commit to using them!

  11. Hmm, I've never considered using velour wipes. Looks like something we need to try though!

  12. Our pail liner is so necessary. I love the drawstring function on these.


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