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Easy Canvas Prints Review

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Easy Canvas Prints
I received this product free for reviewing
purposes from Easy Canvas Prints. I was not
required to write a positive review. As always,
all opinions {good or bad} are my own.
Have you ever thought about ordering a photo canvas? I was given the opportunity to review for Easy Canvas Prints. Not only was the quality of the canvas wonderful, but their name is truly fitting- it was so Easy to place my order!

First, let me tell you a little about Easy Canvas Prints. They are an online company where you can turn your digital pictures into a photo canvas. They have a very simple format for uploading and choosing your size and style of canvas. Easy Canvas Prints also has a really cool program called Canvas for a Cause. You can place a canvas order, and a percentage of the retail value of your order will donated to the non-profit cause of your choosing from a list of organizations. Think this is an awesome program to provide their customers.

When I was contacted about reviewing for Easy Canvas Prints, I quickly figured out that the process was set up with a simple, user friendly format. When you first begin you decide which size canvas you would like ranging from an 8"x8" to a 30"x40". They also have an option to customize your own size. I choose the 11"x14", which was the size I was asked to review. Then I left the canvas wrap thickness at .75" Standard Size, but you have the option to request either a 1.5" for a gallery look or a framed canvas.

FYI- I asked my son why he put his fingers
up when I took this pic, and he informed me
"Nobody was giving me Bunny Ears so
I had to do it myself!" lol
The next step is to upload your photo. I just decided why not grab a picture of my kiddos that makes me smile every time I see it..... so that's what I did. I chose a 4th of July picture that was snapped of my kiddos this year, while we were watching the city fireworks display.

Uploading my picture was so simple, and I really loved that you are able to use pictures from Facebook or Instagram, not just from your computer. After uploading they have an image quality indicator that will gauge if the resolution of your picture is of a good quality.  It reads poor, fair, and good. The image I choose was rated good, so I was good to go. =)

Your next 2 options are how you would like to display your canvas either Standard Wall Hanger or Canvas Stand(for a little extra $). I picked the wall hanger and moved on to the last decision the border ( the way canvas wraps on the edge).You are given 3 options- mirror wrap, image wrap or a border color. I chose image wrap, which simply means the image wraps around the edge of the canvas smoothly.  After you finish, they have 2 optional items- of color finishing and image retouching. I didn't feel either of those were needed, so I was done!

My Easy Canvas Print 11"x 14" canvas arrived a few days before the estimated delivery date, and it was well packaged and protected during shipping. Then as I opened & inspected the canvas, I was so excited.... it was everything I was hoping for. Very well made and my picture was exactly as it had appeared in the previews. 
My Easy Photo Canvas Print!!! I love it!
*Note- My camera added the glare seen in the center of this picture. The canvas picture quality is exactly the same as my original photo.

~I was so impressed with Easy Canvas Prints. Everything from choosing the size to all the other options are set up in a very simple easy to navigate way. Honestly one of my favorite parts was the option to use a Facebook photo.... I have a ton on my Facebook page like I'm sure many of you do.  The entire ordering process took me less than 5 minutes. It seriously took me much longer to decide which picture to use before going to the site than to place my order from start to finish. Enough stuff in this Mom's life is complicated ordering a photo canvas should be easy, and with Easy Canvas Prints it definitely is. To take your snapshot and turn it into a treasured canvas memory... check out Easy Canvas Prints.

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 *I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.

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  1. great picture. Easy Canvas is a great company and very user friendly website.


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