Thursday, April 25, 2013

GeoDice Game Review

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What's a country that starts with the letter Q in Asia? Do you have a guess? Well, we had absolutely no idea here at my home either! lol Thanks to playing the game GeoDice over the last couple weeks, we now know Qatar is the only one & where it's located on a world map!!!

GeoDice is an awesome game from GeoToys that teaches all the countries and capitals to children (& adults too). GeoDice is a super fun, fast paced game that challenges you to learn all the countries and capitals of the world by rolling dice, flipping a timer, jotting down as many as you can before the time is up.

Here's a basic run down of the game pieces included and rules. You have the world map game board which is double sided- one side has all the countries labeled, and the other has only the capitals listed on the map. Then the dice- 2 continent dice, and 5 letter dice. Also included is the pad of ScoreCard sheets & timer.

photo credit- GeoToys

To begin each round you roll all 7 of the dice. The 2 continents faces shown on the dice let you know what areas you have to work with, and the letters dice tell you what letter each country or capital should begin with. Each answer you can write down counts towards your point total for that round, assuming you were correct with the continent they are located on. Each of the letter dice also have a smiley face pictured. When you roll a smiley face it's the rollers choice to pick a letter for that dice. Next you simply flip the timer and game on!!! You write down as many countries &/or capitals as you can think of for the letters rolled that are on the continents from the dice. After the timer expires, you check your answers against the Country/Capital list included with the game, and tally your points. Last you simply record your points on your ScoreCard sheet. At the end of 5 rounds you name a winner.

GeoDice really is a fun way to learn geography! Obviously, we did not start playing this game knowing the answers. My daughter is in 4th grade, and as of right now, states and capitals, oceans, and continents have been the only geography covered by our curriculum. She has had a blast playing GeoDice, and I am more than excited about how quickly she is learning to recognize and name countries from across the world. The rules for beginners state you may look at the Country/Capital list while being timed & then identify the countries on the game board & even flip the timer twice instead of once. This is how we have chose to play so far, and I do not feel it is taking away from the fun or learning process at all.

One thing I definitely want to point out, is before playing this game your children will need to know that there are 7 continents, and totally understand the continent dice included in the game do not represent the actual continents land masses. The clear purpose of GeoDice is to teach countries and capitals only, and on the "continent dice" only 4 land masses are represented. The 4 areas pictured on the dice for game play are Europe, Africa, Asia/Oceania, and The Americas.  Both North and South America are together, and Australia is included on the dice with Asia/Oceania along with all the of Pacific Islands. It's obvious that combining the continents makes for smoother game play.

We are still learning the countries, and given my daughter's grade level, I am fine with us sticking with the countries for awhile. Eventually we will add the capitals to our game time. This is one of the main reasons I have really been impressed with GeoDice. ALL geography skill levels can play and grow with this game. It has most definitely challenged me, and I know we will be playing GeoDice for many years. Love to keep learning fun in our homeschool, and GeoDice from GeoToys has made learning geography a fun game for my children and I! Thanks Bunches GeoToys!!! =)

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  1. This looks really interesting. I think my husband and I would actually have fun playing this one too.

  2. I think my kids are still a little young for this game, but it is definitely a game to check out as they get older. Looks fun

  3. I think my cousins and I would enjoy this board game.

  4. Geo dice looks like a fun game to play in a group over the holidays especially.

  5. This looks really interesting. I think I'll have to give it a try!

  6. This looks so fun; my husband would definitely be into it with the kids. Thanks for the review!

  7. This would be fun for the family to play together.


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