Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Almondina Cookie Review

We have been on a "Let's get healthy" kick at our house for over 1 year now, and I'm always looking for a new recipe or food to try/ buy that is both yummy and good for you. I just found these crunchy cookies that are both healthy and yummy....Almondina- a Delicious Cookie Without The Guilt!!!

Almondina cookies are from Yuval Zaliouk's, a symphony conductor and gourmet chef, Grandmother's Secret Recipe.  These crunchy cookies are actually good for you! Yes, you read that right.... Unbelievably Almondina cookies do NOT contain any added fat or cholesterol! They are also kosher and lactose free (which I love because I am lactose intolerant)!!!

I received a sampler pack to try a few of the flavors for this review, and we have had the hardest time choosing which ones were our favorite! They are all so good! See I love crunchy cookies, and each of the flavors have their own unique taste. They all contain plump raisins and of course, Almonds. My husband and I decided our favorites were the Original Almondina, Gingerspice, and Chocolate Cherry, but Choconut, Cinnaroma, and Sesame were delicious too. With over 10 flavors and a few that are even chocolate dipped Almondina is sure to have a cookie that will make your taste buds dance! 

The Original Almondina taste so good! It has just the right mix of crunchy and chewy with the almonds and raisins together! Only 99 calories per serving!!! To see their Nutrition Facts go here.

My hubby's favorite! These cookies reminded him of the chocolate covered cherry snacks he used to eat before we started watching our sugar. (only 132 calories!!) To see their Nutrition Facts go here.

My absolute favorite...I didn't share well! =) Only 137 calories per serving too. Check out their nutrition facts here.

We ate the Almondina cookies as a snack by themselves, but they would be great with cheese or other toppings as well. My favorite time to indulge was during that afternoon break when I always seem to need a hot cup of tea or some iced coffee. Sipping on my drink of choice with a couple cookies has been my afternoon ritual, and it's way healthier than grabbing a loaded with fat and sugar snack!!

If you would like more information about these healthy Almondina cookies check out their Facebook and Twitter pages. 

~Now that your mouth is watering for an Almondina cookie...... how about a giveaway?!!!!  =)

~That's right Almondina has graciously offered a giveaway to my readers!!! They are giving away the same sampler pack that I received to review!!! To enter simply go HERE and follow the directions on the Rafflecopter.

* I received the Almondina Sampler Pack free of charge for review purposes. I was not required to give a positive review. As always, all opinions {good or bad} are my own. If you would like more information please see my Disclosure.

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  1. I absolutely love these cookies! (though they need to make smaller packs because I just keep eating until they are gone! LOL


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