Friday, May 25, 2012

Math Blaster Review

                 Reviewing Math Blaster was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me.  When I was homeschooled, my Mom also used educational games as a fun way to review math facts…. And she purchased us Math Blaster! Always loved playing it, and didn’t even realize I was learning at the same time. Now, years later, as a homeschooling Mom, I see all the benefits of this great website to help my kiddos review their math skills!!!

*Meet Max your kid's guide on Math Blaster!
 As a parent I am really impressed with all the gaming options Math Blaster has available!  This game will grow with your kiddos both in age and skill.  There are tons of games to choose from too!

For example…Are your kids into racing? If so, there are four games available, and two of my favorites are HyperBlast Training {math facts- +,-,x and division- you choose the level} and Bolt Cruncher {fractions, decimals, percents, and 3D figures}.  

Oozami Start
*Oozmai one of many fun games on Math Blaster.       
How about arcade games? There are 8 different games for that style of play. One of my favorites is called Oozami! According to Math Blaster’s Game Guide the Oozami game is about a “toxic ooze that has grown a mind of its own and is trying to take over the Math Blaster spaceship! To tackle the ooze, Blasters must use their math skills like numeric place values, decimal place values and money recognition. By answering the problems correctly and successfully jumping from one platform to another without falling in the toxic ooze, Blasters can save the space station from a celestial catastrophe!”  

Alien Wrangler
Your kiddos will learn their facts fast with Alien Wrangler!
I set my daughter up and just let her play the game, and explore with minimal help from me, and you know what?! Her math skills have improved! Now when I say they have improved, I mean she is TONS faster especially with her multiplication and division facts… thanks to the games HyperBlast Training and Alien Wrangler.  Alien Wrangler is very similar to bull riding  only on an alien! You keep the Alien in line by answering the math fact questions fast and accurately.  What a fun way to drill math facts…. Without actually drilling them! She gets her practice and I don’t have to hear any groans! That’s a win- win situation right there for Mommy/teacher!

          If you are interested in learning more about Math Blaster and the missions your kiddos will go on, you can go to the Math Blaster Facebook page, or to learn about new additions to the games and more go to the Math Blaster Blog. Just reading through the blog before checking out the site really helped me know what to expect.

          Another great place for us parents to check out is the Game Guide. In the guide, you will find a list of all the games. It also states what math skills/ concepts are covered by that particular game. I found this extremely helpful, when my daughter first started playing, to see what skills she was covering.
         I believe that games should be a part of every child’s education, whether they are homeschooled or schooled in a traditional classroom! The games on Math Blaster are definitely at the top of my list to assist in teaching or reviewing math skills and facts! Remember learning should = fun, and with Math Blaster is does!!!

~What could be better way for your kiddos to retain all the information they learned during the school year over summer break, than with a FREE 3 month subscription to Math Blaster!!!! Guess What?!!! That is just what they have offered to one of my readers! To enter this giveaway sponsored by Math Blaster simply go Here. (Giveaway has ended)

Disclosure: I was provided with a 6 month membership good for Math Blaster and Knowledge Adventure at no cost by Knowledge Adventure in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided. Please see my disclosure and privacy tab if you would like more information.


  1. Wow! I remember Math Blaster from when I was a kid too! Thanks for heads up on the Free membership.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I think this will be great for my son... keep his math skills up during the summer.

  3. This looks like a really great tool to use for my son for math.

  4. This takes me back to my childhood! I used to also play Treasure Mountain, which had math problems to solve clues to find, and also math munchers with the little monsters. So fun!

  5. With the gaming-minded generation of kids we have now, a game like this may be just what the doctor ordered.

  6. This looks like a great tool for teaching kids math.

  7. That is clever. If you can convince the kids that they are playing a game, they will improve their math skills by accident.


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