Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fashion to Figure

Shopping when you are a plus sized woman, can be frustrating to say the least. You find a great store with clothes that fit you, but then you see the prices. Sticker Shock! I've walked into stores before that had clothing that was my style only to find the sizes were way too small for me, which can be depressing. Just because I'm a plus size doesn't mean I want to give up on fashion and where a sack! When Fashion to Figure contacted me about doing a review or a giveaway. I was excited to see a site that was catering to women like me, who wanted to have it all. Great fashion at great prices! I decided I would love for them to sponsor the giveaway, so that all my readers looking for new summer fashions would have a chance to win!
                                          ~Beck, The Mommy Island

A little more about Fashion to Figure.
When cruising around their site you will find it's easy to navigate.
Finding what you are looking for just couldn't be easier.

*I'm always looking for a Sale!*
You know the one thing better than a sale?
**Winning that new look for free!**
 have joined forces to host this giveaway!
We would like to thank our sponsor 
Fashion to Figure for this fun Giveaway!
Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win
1 item of winner's choice of $30 or less.
You do not have to complete all the entries,
but it will help your odds of winning.


  1. My style is a toddler chasing Laid back. I am happy to even be dressed. The wrinkles in my clothing can take care of themselves.

    michzme at excite dot com

  2. My style is definitely laid back.. Sweats and ponytails. With 4 teenagers constantly on the go it's hard to even find time to breathe much less get dressed up :)


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