Thursday, May 28, 2015

P'tit Baby OS Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diapers ~ Review

*I received the product below for reviewing purposes, but was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. see disclosure.

One Size Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diapers..... As soon as I heard about this option in modern cloth diapering, I had to know if they would work with my son in our already established cloth diapering routine. This lead me to do a little research and to an amazing WAHM Eileen, who runs the Etsy Shop, P'tit Baby.
P'tit Baby's Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diapers are handmade by Eileen, who is a French stay at home mom, that now resides in Texas. She currently offers diaper covers and hybrid fitteds in both newborn and one-size options, all of them are unique and handmade right here in the US. These cloth diapers also meet the CPSC certification requirements since they are crafted with high quality materials.

Each of the P'tit Baby OS (one-size) Hybrid Fitted cloth diapers will adjust to fit your little ones from approximately 10- 35lbs with crossover snaps at the waist and three rise settings. They are made with three layers of fabric, and come with two charcoal bamboo inserts that snap together and onto the diaper. The outer layer of the hybrid fitted is a super soft 100% knit cotton, and the inner layer is 100% cotton velour. The middle hidden layer is a 100% fleece polyester, which will help keep baby dry. I want to mention here these diapers are not fully waterproof, and require a cover for extended daytime wear and overnights. Eileen has tested them on her son, and for him they last about 4 hours on the bum. (My personal experience is below.)

P'tit Baby carries wide variety of nostalgic, trendy and classic style prints that currently include The Walking Dead, Super Man, Captain America, Rainbow Stripes and many many more.  The TMNT/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle print jumped right out at me. It is just adorable with the pizza and all the characters too. We are big fans from way back in this home, and adding this print to our stash was a must!

Now how does the OS Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper fit our son? Well since this is my very first fitted, I will say it is the fluffiest we have. With the warmer months ahead I plan to just have our little guy wear a coordinating shirt and forget bottoms, or use pants made specifically for fluffy cloth diaper bums. The cross over snaps have given our son a wonderful fit around his little tummy which is on the skinny side. We set the rise snaps on the second row, and I am able to get a great fit, even with two charcoal bamboo inserts, around his legs without any gaps. Since the bamboo inserts snap right into place there is no stuffing required which I am thrilled about! The inserts also stay perfectly in place and don't slide around even though my little mover now running, climbing, and just being a very active 13 month old.

We use a cover for overnights with this diaper and it absorbs like a champ. The outside was damp, but with the two charcoal bamboo inserts, he stays fairly dry next to his skin.  Our little one sleeps for about 6-8 hours during his long stretch, and it passed my overnight challenge without any leaks! 

We put this hybrid fitted to the daytime test too. Since Eileen mentions her little one lasts about 4 hours without a cover, I had to see how our son compared. We made it to right at 4 hours twice, and the other times my son decided to mess with the test by doing some icky business that required an immediate change at around 2-3 hours. I prefer our little guy to wear this diaper during the day since it is adorable and I hate to cover it up. It is the only cloth diaper I have used that can work for either daytime or nighttime without needing to add additional inserts.

I absolutely love the cuteness factor of P'tit Baby's OS Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diapers, which initially caught my eye, but their absorbency has more than won me over. Let's just say P'tit Baby is a fabulous fit in our cloth routine! Couldn't even wait to add another to my stash, so as I am writing this my order is being shipped with our second P'tit Baby OS Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper. Woo hoo for Fluffy Mail and Eileen's P'tit Baby OS Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diapers!

To Check out the latest prints make sure to follow P'tit Baby on Social Media below.


*Have you tried P'tit Baby's Hybrid Fitteds? I would love to hear what you like about them or even which print you are hoping to see offered next.


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  2. I absolutely love the diaper I received from P'tit Baby from the giveaway. It is amazing for nighttime use. I love that I can use it with no cover and still not have any leaks. It can even hold in the morning pee. Not to mention it's the only diaper that won't leak on nights my 2 year old drinks milk before bed. All in all I will definitely be buying more of these diapers!

  3. These look like great diapers with an excellent fit on your son. I've never tried a hybrid fitted. I actually used to dislike fitteds after trying them with my first cloth baby. I didn't even bother with my second. I decided to give them another go with my third and I do like them. I think I might like hybrids even more. Thanks for the review. I really like the pictures. They really help a person see the product and how it works.

  4. It is amazing how far cloth diapers have come. I did not do cloth diapers with my son but I think it is great there are so many options for those that want to cloth diaper.

  5. My friend is considering cloth this time around, these look great!


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