Saturday, May 9, 2015

5 Things My Mom Said That I Repeat ~ No Apologizes

Before my kids made their entrance into this world, I had this beautiful utopia type image in my mind of what being a Mommy would be like. Thankful little children playing games, a house filled with laughter, and shopping trips with smiling adorable faces riding in the shopping cart. Basically all around blissful parenthood since my kids would never act out! HA!!! Then my children were born, and I quickly learned that these adorable bundles of joy also come with a twist that just jumped right out and tackled me out of no where.... I started sounding like my Mom!

Here are five things I now repeat to my children that my Mom said to me... and I am fine with that, so No Apologizes!

1. "Just because you see something you would like in the store doesn't mean I am going to buy it for you."

~Okay this goes with budgeting for a family with one income which, for the most part, is how I grew up too. I remember pleading that I really needed stuff, and thinking I know we have the money my Mom is just being mean. I was a bit of a drama queen... dare I say, a big brat! Sometimes you just can't have something because really want it. Those little faces that go shopping with me... yeah... they aren't always smiling. They may still be adorable, but learning to wait, saving your money, and other lessons are being taught. So guess what? Sometimes they are screaming, crying, or just pouting on our "fun" shopping trips. In the long run it is a good lesson, and now that my daughter is twelve, I see the fruits of standing my ground. She is the best saver, way better than I am. She works for her money, and doesn't expect a handout.

2. "You can Hate what a person does or says, but you are NEVER Allowed say 'I Hate You' because we do not hate people!"

~Well this was said to me more than I want to admit growing up. I was bit dramatic as I mentioned before... seriously over the top, and still can be. I had no idea how much hearing those words coming from your precious little blessing could crush you whole insides until I heard them from my own child. As much as I wanted to just curl up and cry, or cave in and give them what they wanted, I repeated those words that my Mom said to me. Well they may have been through tears, but learning to forgive, love, and understand that others will do things that you don't like is part of growing up. If we all screamed hate every time something didn't go our way... we would be a bunch of over grown children having a temper fit. Instead I tell my kids they need to voice their feelings without hate, talk things out, and try to see both sides.

3. "I would appreciate hearing 'Thank you' for your dinner instead of complaining about what I spent time cooking!"

~Now that most of our meals are cooked here at home, and I seem to have some of the pickiest eaters in the world!!! Okay probably being dramatic on that one, but seriously one of my kids decided they will no longer eat beef out of the blue, and I was supposed to know that... how?! Sorry back to my Mom's words. Having good manners is not just an instinct that our children are born with. Wouldn't that be nice if they were? Just saying! I learned to be thankful from my Mom's statements about meals, and have good manners. Do I always like the food I am eating? No, I don't. Do I make sure and thank the cook anyways? Yes! Do I make my kids thank me? Yes, I do. Being thankful is a good lesson, and I am happy to share it with them.

4. " Blood is thicker than water! Your friends will come and go, but your sister will be yours forever."

~ This was said to me multiple times. Usually mentioned when I had friends over, and I didn't want my pesky little sister tagging along and listening to everything we were saying. My Mom never let me exclude her, and sometimes I would get pretty angry. Are some of those friends even in my life now? No, they aren't. We grew apart, moved to different places, and most of us have just lost touch. Sending birthday wishes on Facebook sometimes is the closest I get to some of my former best friends from when I was younger. My sister on the other hand is my best friend. We talk pretty much daily on the phone, text, email, and chat all the time. I am glad my Mom taught me to keep her close, and never let us push each other away. I repeat this to my kids, and know exactly how they feel about it. Still no apologizes. I will say it tomorrow or later today if I have to since it's true!

My Mom and I at the beach, Spring Break 2015.
5. "I love you!"

~ With all the lessons that my Mom taught me over the years, there was one thing she said that I repeat daily to my kids. I love you! Even when I had been a total pill, and I'm sure that she would have loved to just have ten minutes alone. She always... always... told me she loved me. Everyday these words leave my mouth and go straight to the ears of my kids. I want them to know no matter what, I love them with every ounce of my being!

I am so thankful for my Mom, and her telling me these things. Even though, when I was younger, I didn't see the big picture and what she was trying to teach me. I do understand now. My vision of the perfect little family didn't happen quite like I thought it would, but I know a few great things to say to help my little ones learn how to be decent people. I have heard some say they sound like their Mother, and are irritated about it. Well lately I am happy to sound like my Mom... No apologizes here. She's a pretty great lady, and I love her bunches. Thanks so much Mom for putting up with me, and saying these things to your little drama queen with an attitude. I am happy that you taught me all of these lessons young. You are a wonderful Mom and Grandma. Love you bunches!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms, in any form, that are out there reading this. I would love to hear some of the words of wisdom that your Mom's told you that you catch yourself repeating. Feel free to share them in a comment below.  =)


  1. These are all awesome words of wisdom! It is good that you sound like your mom, because she sounds like she knew what she was talking about :-) I often find myself saying these things, maybe worded differently, but same concept, to my children. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. This is such a sweet and true post, I love it
    And how perfect was it for Mother's Day!

  3. To my sister "drama queen" I have to say..I know I sound like mom too! :) Love you, sis. Happy Mother's day!


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