Saturday, November 22, 2014

Looking For an Absorbent Pocket Cloth Diaper? ~ Thirsties Modern Cloth Diapers Review

*I received the products below for reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. see disclosure. 

One Size Pockets? Hemp Inserts? If you would have asked me what these terms referred to a year ago, I seriously crack up when I think about what my sarcastic response would have been! {Which I will leave to your imagination} Now fast forward to present day, I understand that one size pockets are a versatile cloth diaper that you can "stuff" with absorbent cloth inserts, and adjust to fit babies of varying sizes. Hemp Inserts are a all natural fiber cloth diaper insert, not what I envisioned the first time I heard that term, and Thirsties Modern Cloth Diapers has offered me both to share with you my opinions in this review.
Thirsties is located right here in the USA, and their products are manufactured in Colorado. Some of their products are even made by Moms who work from home. They are also dedicated to being a socially responsible business by using more than 90% USA sourced fabrics and materials, and recycling 100% of their scrap fabric. Good for you Thirsties!!! 

Now to one of their products that I was sent in order to facilitate this review, the One Size Pocket. To begin here's a few basics about the one size part. The cloth diaper will adjust using the rise snaps on the front, and the waist snaps to fit baby from 8-40 lbs. My son is on the lower end of this range being 7 months and nearly 17 pounds. We get a wonderful fit. I know he is getting a comfortable fit too, since doesn't have any marks left on his legs from the elastic like I recently noticed in a few of our other pockets. 

The One Size Pocket is ultra-absorbent according to Thirsties, and I have to agree with them. I have tested it over night with just the included two inserts, and not even one tiny leak after right at 6 hours on the bum. The newborn insert is three layers of microfiber serged together with snaps on either end. The full insert is 5 layers of hemp cotton with snaps to attach the newborn insert if needed to stay in place. By the way, even with both inserts I was still able to put my son in his correct size of jeans. That has become a major requirement for me on if I like the cloth diaper. I want to be able to dress our little guy, and not worry about if I have him in the "right" cloth diaper for the outfit. 

Other notable features of the One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper from Thirsties is that it is, of course, waterproof and doesn't require any type of cover. They have Thirsties signature leg gussets that trap those messes out little ones make. The inner part of the diaper has 100% polyester microfleece next to babies skin for a stay dry feel. These pockets are currently available in 22 colors and prints including the Scottish Storm pictured in this review.

Now to one of my favorite features of this pocket cloth diaper they have wide openings at both ends, and Thirsties claims that you do not need to unstuff the diaper before washing. After multiple tests on laundry day over the last couple weeks, I can confirm that the Thirsties Inserts do in fact actually agitate out in the wash. Yes, that's right, no getting your hands icky when changing the diaper just toss in the pail or wet bag and forget it. Then dump in the washer, and you are good to go. Can I get a WOO HOO?!!! That's what I had to say after seeing the results of my test since unstuffing pocket diapers is one of the things I dread. 
Our Little Guy Sporting
the One Size Pocket from Thirsties in Scottish Storm
My son wasn't a heavy wetter his first 6 months at night. Not sure what happened when he crossed that 7 month mark, but all of the sudden he decided to "go"! Changing up my cloth diaper routine especially after researching various Night Diapering ideas had me so nervous. There are just so many choices out there, and I couldn't believe how many inserts some mentioned using! I felt like he would be so uncomfortable. Then I received the Thirsties Hemp Inserts for this review, and thought lets give it a go for night time. I already mentioned that the One Sized Pocket kept him dry overnight with both included inserts, but now for the Hemp Inserts. How would they do? Well after using them with one microfiber insert in 5 different brands of pockets not only does it keep all the diapers from being so huge in the legs, and leaving the funky gaps around the waist I was getting from multiple microfiber inserts, the Thirsties Hemp Insert stopped leaking in those diapers too! 

photo courtesy of Thirsties
The Thirsties Hemp Inserts are made with 6 layers of super soft hemp/cotton jersey (55% Hemp and 45% Cotton). They add just the thinnest layer to our diapers, and are available in two size choices- small and large. The large size is pictured for this review. I have been so impressed with these inserts that they are now on my Wish List to replace most of my inserts for all my other diapers. With the affordable price of just $9 for a 2-pack, I think personally believe they are a great buy. 

Thirsties Modern Cloth Diapers have opened my eyes to how wonderful Hemp can be when used in cloth diapers. Both the One Size Pocket and Hemp Inserts have rocketed to the top of my list in cloth diapering must haves. If you have a heavy wetter, but do not want to add a lot of bulk to your diapers I recommend giving their Hemp Inserts a try. They are the perfect addition to any pocket from my experience. For a trim pocket that is just adorable, and can be trusted to keep baby's clothes from getting soiled and wet the One Size Pocket fits the bill. To find out more about Thirsties and their products, make sure to connect with them on Social Media. 


  1. I've heard great things about Thirsties!

  2. Cute print and I love that they are affordable

  3. I love that they are made in the USA!

  4. I would love to try some Thirsties

  5. My stash is made of Thirsties because of the amazing reviews they have. Can't wait to start using them when little one comes next month. I have two pocket diapers and the rest are duo wraps so I guess I'll see what type I like better soon.

  6. I just recently purchased this diaper, but with snaps instead of hook and loop. I am so excited to try it! I really love the print and I am partial to pocket diapers. Thank you for the review. It's got me looking forward to trying it out even more. :)

  7. I love the Scottish print shown and am eager to try out their inserts (just ordered). Any tips for keeping all of your stash inserts straight (what goes with what)?

  8. We loved Thirsties size one for our girls when they were too big for newborn but too small for one size

  9. would love to try any of the thirsties


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