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Traveling While Cloth Diapering Made Easy ~ GroVia Review

*I received the products below for reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. see disclosure.

With the holidays right around the corner, I have been looking for the perfect diaper to use while visiting family and friends. We do not travel often, and I have been searching for an easy cloth diaper to use while on the go this year. GroVia Cloth Diapers came to my rescue with not just one but three great options that help make using cloth diapers while on the go easy.

GroVia has a cloth diaper bundle that gives you the choices to find out what works best for you by offering the Hybrid Vs AIO Package. I am looking for a diapering option that my family will feel comfortable using when we visit, so I put these to the test.

The Hybrid Vs AIO Package contains-

  •  Hybrid Diaper Shell in either Snaps or Hook & Loop Closers
  • 1 All In One Diaper
  • 2 Organic Cotton Soaker Pads
  • 1 20 Count Pack of BioSoaker 
After receiving this package, I immediately began prepping them. The Organic Cotton Soaker Pads, and AIO Diaper need 5-6 washes before using. According to the GroVia website they will gain absorbency with more washes, but for my little guy 5 washes worked just fine. We have not had any leaks! 

The GroVia Hybrid Diaper Shell has a few notable features. The shell has a 100% polyester mesh lining on the inside that keeps any of the water proof cover from touching out little guys skin. The mesh is very soft to the touch, so I know this must feel comfortable to him. With it's adjustable rise you are able to use this Shell on Baby from 8-30 lbs.

You can also choose between a snap or hook & loop closer. I chose the hook & loop, which all of my family favored. To quote my Mom on how much she liked the hook & loop, "Wow! It just doesn't get any easier than this!" Everyone really appreciated how simple changing the my son's cloth diaper was using the GroVia Hybrid Diaper Shell. 

Another way this Hybrid system from GroVia is a must have for traveling is that you have options to choose from. There are three different options available to use -the Soaker Pads which come in Stay-Dry, Organic Cotton{included in package} & No Prep varieties, a disposable BioSoaker {included in package}, or GroVia prefolds. I already had some of the prefolds on hand, and they work wonderfully as well. 

The cloth Soaker Pads snap right on to the Hybrid Diaper Shell. There is not any guess work involved. This is a favorite for my family when they changed his diaper on visits. I loved that I knew they would be in the same spot even though he has recently become a little mover who can crawl and sit up on his own. Plus my family, aka the cloth diapering newbies, were able to change my son's diaper without any assistance. The Organic Cotton Soaker Pads made using IMO-Certified Organic Cotton jersey are super soft, and have a waterproof backing. I noticed this keeps the shell dryer and cleaner than any other hybrid system I have used. Also want to make sure I mention that they have an elastic leg gusset, which means no leaking on the sides.... a huge plus in my book!

The disposable all natural GroVia Biosakers are dye, fragrance, plastic and chlorine free. You simply lay them inside the Hybrid Diaper Shell fasten it on, and go. These received rave reviews from all of our family. I really liked that we were able to still use our Hybrid Shell with these, and not have to worry about keeping the dirty diaper laundry together while out and about. 

Now for the GroVia AIO Cloth Diaper also included in the package. The AIO Cloth Diaper does not need to be stuffed or folded. It has a water proof outer lining, and an IMO-Certified Organic Cotton inner soaker.  It is the first diaper I reach for after laundry day! That is seriously how much I love it. This diaper will fit baby from approximately 10-35 lbs. Our little one is currently just over 16 lbs, and I am able to get a perfect fit with it's adjustable rise and plenty of side snaps. Those side snaps took a little getting used to, but it was well worth it. 

This AIO cloth diaper certainly does the job of controlling leaks and containing messes, but the main reason I love it so much is It Is So Trim! I love the fluffy little bottom as much as any cloth diapering Mommy, but this diaper seems to work the very best of all of our diapers with jeans in his actually size. 

I personally thought everyone would choose the AIO cloth diaper over the Hybrid when comparing the GroVia Cloth Diapers in this package while we were visiting, but they actually all preferred the Hybrid Cloth Diaper Shell. Which is just fine with me since I loved using it too. We definitely have found our go to traveling system, and I now have a new personal favorite with the GroVia AIO Cloth Diaper. We plan on adding more of both to our stash in the very near future. 

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  1. I'm going to be cloth diapering for the first time when this baby is born. It is crazy how many different options there are out there! I'm a little bit overwhelmed, lol. Thanks for this review. It is good to know how easy your family thought it was, as my husband is a little hesitant. Hopefully he will think it is easy as well.

  2. My sister sure can use these for her trips to Massachusetts!

  3. I tried the cloth diaper thing, but this was long before they became so much more innovative and eco-friendly. I'd definitely be more open to it if the opportunity struck. In other words, I'm hoping to expand my family soon!

  4. While I don't have any babies and right now don't know anyone with babies, these are so cute and outstanding while traveling.

  5. they look comfy and I like the designs

  6. I actually have GroVia that I'm using with my toddler while she's potty training and I love them.

  7. I would love to try out the Hybrid Grovia. These would be perfect when visiting family because I'm not so sure on carrying around a wet bag for outings and the disposable biosoakers would solve that. Thanks for the review.

  8. I will probably use prefolds and covers mostly when we cloth diaper, but I love how easy the Grovia system is to use, so I put some on my registry for when we travel and grandparents babysit. I love that they have organic cotton soaker pads!

  9. I loved the AI2 for my son, but the AIO seems to work better for my daughter. It's nice to have so many high quality options!

  10. The aio sounds great! So hard to fit fluffy butts in reasonable pants

  11. I've been thinking about trying GroVia! This is very helpful.

  12. I love their AIOs. I never reach for our hybrids but I think that is because they are aplix and not snaps. GroVia makes great products. Awesome review!

  13. I love GroVia - they're just a fabulous company! My favorite combo is their prefolds and shells. And their AIOs are SO trim!

  14. I just ordered the package. Thank you for the tip about washing them 5 times. I've heard people wash them only 3 times and most have had leaks.


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