Sunday, September 14, 2014

QT Performance Phoenix Advanced Tourmaline Flat Iron ~ Review

*I received the product below for reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. see disclosure.

Both my daughter and I have been blessed or cursed, depending on what day you ask us, with naturally curly hair. I have learned over the years how to tame these locks, but straightening our hair hasn't really worked out for the best.... until now! Recently, I was given the chance to partner with Flat Iron Experts. They sent us the QT Performance Phoenix Advanced Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, and it has changed everything!

I have tried to straighten my hair before, but it just looked so poofy that I gave up. The Phoenix Advanced Tourmaline Flat Iron with Superior Ceramic Heater has given me something I had only dreamed about... Hair I can run my fingers through... straight hair with no frizz!

This flat iron features advance tourmaline and ceramic heaters. These allow the flat iron to generate far-infrared heat and negative ions. According to Flat Iron Experts this allows your hair to maintain more moisture, helps to eliminate frizz and maintain a natural shine.

With the ceramic heaters, I found that it takes only a few seconds for it to reach the temperature needed to straighten our hair. It can reach a super hot 410 degrees in 30 seconds, but we never went above 190 degrees. 
My 11 year old daughter was the model for this review. Just look at those crazy curls!

To style we simply sprayed Thermal Shine, included with review items, all over our hair with special attention to the ends. This product provides heat protection and a smooth shine. After combing the product through, we then pulled up the top layers, and took small 1-2 inch sections of hair from the underside through the flat iron. After that we finished up with the top layer by following the same routine. I found that "dirty" hair worked the best for us. By dirty hair, I mean after being washed I applied a bit of hair mousse for frizz control, and allowed it to dry. (I never blow dry my hair.)

She was a little self conscious not used to straight hair. lol
Told her it looks great, but you know tweens. =)
The QT Performance Phoenix Advanced Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron met and exceeded my expectations. I am so excited to be able to straighten my hair a few days a week. The best part is my own family loved the flat iron too.  I have actually taken the flat iron with me on a visit to fix my sister's hair. She was super impressed with the results! 

The QT Performance Phoenix Advanced Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is available for purchase and named the top budget friendly flat iron on Flat Iron Experts for just $109.99.

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  1. That is amazing how much different she looks before and after. Gorgeous curls and beautiful straight too, I have to say it looks like it works really well. I want one of these for my hair!

  2. she looks so pretty either way, the flat iron looks like it works really well. I like the ceramic ones also.

  3. Wow! Her hair really came out straight and shiny. I have a straightening iron that I fear is nearing its last leg, so I'll keep these in mind.

  4. Her hair looks amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Wow! My flat iron doesn't work that great. I will be checking this one out!

  6. Wow! How different she is looking in straight hair! I consider this one as the best flat iron. My flat iron doesn’t work like this one. I will definitely buy this one. Thanks for the reviews!


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