Saturday, August 16, 2014

International Can-It-Forward Day 2014 ~ #CanItForward

Have you heard that today is International Can-It-Forward Day? Well I just found out about it yesterday, and think it is so neat. It's the fourth year for this event, and they will have live webcasts with demonstrations throughout the day on various topics related to preserving your own foods, and even one on tips for Urban Gardens, which totally applies to my family.

Growing organic veggies and fruit has been a dream of mine for a few years now. We live in a city and have super small backyard. I could really use some advice after all the issues we dealt with including Rascally Rabbits (who would have guessed they would be a problem), and ants taking over the garden. Also our harvests have been pretty pitiful! =)
I wasn't able to plant a garden this year, since our new little guy was born in April. I just didn't have the energy to get one going while finishing up our homeschool year and stay up most nights with an infant.

Even though we do not have a garden this year, I am planning to join in the event by watching a webcast or two with the kids, if possible, and hitting up a Farmer's Market to grab some fresh local veggies.

The webcasts for the International Can-It-Forward Day begin at 10am today.{I am assuming EST since they will be filming in New York according to the information on the event page} Make sure and check out the Can-It-Forward Event page to find out more details, including the full schedule and times for all of today's events. 

Are you planning to Can-It-Forward this year? Would love to hear your plans.

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