Friday, January 11, 2013

What's Your Organizing Style?

*This is offer has expired

Head over to the Post-it Products Site HERE... right now they have a "just for fun" Quiz that will let you know what type of organizer you are. 

~Simply take the Quiz first by clicking on the flashing arrow towards the bottom that says "Everyone has an Organizing Style- Find Yours".... Then you can request some money saving coupons for Post-it products!! 

~I took the quiz a few minutes ago and ......I'm an Improviser..... "get things done, but my style leads to more clutter in view than I would like." Yep that about covers it! Lol 

*Leave me a comment... would love to hear what type of organizer you are. =)

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  1. I think I have came to the conclusion that I am a hoarder/organizer! LOL I love to do crafts with children and I want to be orgainized but sometimes I just need to throw things away....maybe tomorrow. :)The quiz showed I am an improvisor.

  2. I am also an improviser. I try to organize stuff but it always ends up cluttered after a couple days.


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