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Dino Dan Trek's Adventures: Dino Babies DVD Review

After growing up with one sister, I am quickly learning our home that includes little boys has a much different theme to it. There are much fewer tea parties and dolls laying around, but we have rock collections, bug and reptile books galore, and most importantly everything dinosaur is greatly treasured. 
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Finding fun entertainment that is also educational in the dinosaur area has been easy thanks to NCircle Entertainment. They offer a wide variety Dino Dan Trek's Adventures DVDs, and we now own quite a few of them. The latest release Dino Dan Trek's Adventures Dino Babies features eight fun dinosaur filled episodes with Dan's younger brother Trek. 

The stories included on this DVD are:
  • Switched at Nest
  • Quetza Grandma
  • Dino Tooth Fairy 
  • Adventures in Dino-Sitting
  • Dino Mammas
  • Dino Egg Hunt 
  • Dino Footprints
  • and Dino Pals
On the Dino Babies DVD your kids will join junior dinosaur expert Trek Henderson as he imagines dinosaurs living with us right here in the real world. To begin Trek is amazed when he sees an Edmontosaurus laying her egg in a Triceratops' nest. With his friends' help, Trek learns that some animals will lay their eggs in the nests of animals that can do a better job of protecting their babies. Next, while Trek waits for his loose tooth to fall out, he finds a baby dinosaur tooth in the house and decides to figure out which baby dino it belongs to so that it can get a visit from the Dino Tooth Fairy! Then, while Liam babysits Trek, Trek has to do some dino-sitting of his own when a baby Albertosaurus, baby Brachiosaurus and a baby Spinosaurus find their way inside the house. It's up to Trek to get them out of his house before they turn it into a huge mess! It's time to get some dino time with these dino babies and more! Let's go embark on some dino-experiments with Trek and friends!

Dino Dan Trek's Adventures Dino Babies DVD released on May 8, 2016 is available for purchase right now, and has a run time of approximately 90 minutes. These adventures are geared towards children ages 5-9. Honestly I learn something new every time I watch one of the stories with my boys, and our teenage daughter has been known to sit down and enjoy a couple stories with her brothers too. 

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Dino Dan Trek's Adventures: Dino Babies DVD Giveaway


  1. Yes, my 15 year old boy was very very interested in dinosaurs and since he was the first grand baby he was very spoiled with tons of dinosaur books, movies, museum trips, and of course dinosaur toys. He could tell you about every dinosaur it seemed.. My 3 year old son right now has had all these toys, ect, passed down to him so h is now in love with everything dinosaur.

  2. Yes, my 2 girls love learning about dino's. There's a restaurant here in town that has robot dino's, they are in love with the place.

  3. My son loves dinodan it is a fantastic show.

  4. My kids love this show. They watch it on the Amazon app.

  5. My kids love this show. They watch it on the Amazon app.

  6. My son loves dinodan it is a fantastic show.

  7. Yes, I think all children love dinosaurs at certain ages and stages.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com


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