Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Toys For Baby ~ Ebeanstalk.com Review

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Our new baby is due to arrive any day now! Yes, I have hit the point at 38 weeks and 4 days where I just want to hold and cuddle him already! =) Have been scouring all different places for New Toys for babies, after I realized last week that with all my planning and getting everything ready for our little guy that I didn't have one toy for him! oops... Mommy fail! When given the opportunity to review the Ebeanstalk site, I was thrilled. They really have a ton of newborn toys, not to mention products for my older two kiddos also. 
photo credit- Ebeanstalk.com

Finding a great toy or book on Ebeanstalk is super easy since they have so many to pick from. I found the site very easy to navigate with tabs for searching by brand, age, milestones or categories. I just picked Toys By Age and clicked on Baby Toys for Newborns. So many adorable items came up that would be perfect for our new little one. Then since I could not help myself I moved through all the other ages and found quite a few great picks in the Top selling toys for 1 year olds section too. 

It's been awhile since I have shopped for a baby, and I love how easy Ebeanstalk made finding some great new toys to have on hand for when he finally comes home! Two of my favorites are their Stacking Activity Shapes (pictured above), and the Hang Ons Baby Bugs for the car seat (pictured below). 
photo credit- Ebeanstalk.com
You can also find lots of products besides toys for the kids at Ebeanstalk such as a wide variety of story Books, Movies and TV Toys, boxed sets of toys from their Grow & Learn Series, which include a whole year's worth of development in one box plus much more. 

Ebeanstalk has tons of toys for newborns, but they also have great products for kids through age 12. If you are looking for some fun and unique toys to get your kiddos this Easter or just planning ahead for the holidays and birthdays later this year, you should head over and take a look at what they have to offer for your kid's age/ development. Found all of their products to be very reasonably priced with quite a few of my top picks on sale too! I had to just start a wish list (one of the other great features on the site) with all the items I kept coming across that one of my kid's would love.

Let me know what item you found that is a Must Have for your kiddo, and don't forget to Connect with Ebeanstalk through Social Media (links below). 
Have fun shopping for the kids and baby at Ebeanstalk!!! ~Amanda

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  1. They have such great rpoducts. I love how colorful they are and I like how easy they are to clean and the safety facotr.

    ellen beck


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