Friday, June 7, 2013

How To Save Money on College Textbooks

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As you all probably know from reading my blog, my kids are in the elementary grades right now. Still that hasn't stopped me from looking to the future, and trying to find ways to save money later on like when they are in college. Well, I have come across a wonderful program that can save you quite a bit of green by renting college textbooks instead of buying. 

With all the summer sessions going on right now, I thought all of you would like to know about how you can save yourself or your children some money = rent your textbooks from Campus Book Rentals!!!! If you have ever purchased a college textbook, you know it's outrageous how expensive even just one textbook can be. I wish I would have known about this program or a program like it when I was in college way back when... my textbook for a summer class was ridiculously expensive & I only needed it for 2 weeks of my 4 week class! (sure would have helped out a young married couple's budget!!!)

Here's some of the benefits of renting your textbooks from Campus Book Rentals.

  1. FREE SHIPPING {both ways}
  2. Flexible Rental Periods
  3. 30 Day Risk Free Returns
  4. Save 40-90% off Bookstore Prices
  5. You are allowed to highlight in the book.
 What if you have already purchased one or more of those over priced textbooks, and want to make some money? Campus Book Rentals has started a new & super cool program called Rent Back. With this program you rent your own textbooks to other students! According to their site, this could make you 2-4x more money compared to selling your books back at the end of the semester. Check out their site to learn more here

Hope one or both of these programs helps out some of you going back to school, or those who have kiddos getting ready to start the next phase of their lives! 

Happy Saving with Campus Book Rentals!!! ~ Amanda =)

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