Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!! 

Every Mom out there is unique & special, just like every child is unique & special. Every Mom has a story, a time when you are like what did I get myself into. When my son, who is now 5, was 3 he sneaked out of our back door while I ran down to the basement to change the loads of laundry around. Within less than 5 minutes my daughter came running down the stairs, and she was stuttering, "He, He, He.... Water. Oh look! It's starting to drip down! Hurry!!!!" 

I ran over noticed water dripping & got up the stairs to see my son had brought the outside water hose into the kitchen through our back door, and was laughing as he proceeded to spray my kitchen from top to bottom!!! There was actually a current into my dining room.... I was literally splashing my way to him as he continued to laugh hysterically. Cabinets, Fridge, Stove, everything even the ceiling was soaked and dripping water! It was definitely a "WooSah" moment for this Momma! lol Aren't kids great about keeping us on our toes?!!!

Even when my kiddos do crazy things.... I still would not change a thing! Love them with my whole heart.  I recently posted about All the Amazing Things Only Moms Do, and asked all of you, my lovely readers, what was something your Mom has done that makes her special. The responses were great, and shows how a Mother's love knows no bounds.  Sara commented, " My mom doesn't live close to me, but she makes time to talk to me on the phone several times a week and plans special trips to spend time with me. She might not be right next door, but it feels like she is never far away!" A Momma will do what it takes to be there for her kids.... no matter how far!

As a Mom, I now appreciate how wonderful my Mom has always been. She has always been there for me, and knows when to just support & when to give advice. Reader April shared, "My mom is always there when I need someone to talk to. I value her advice. She is a strong person." So True! 

Some of us Moms have harder road to walk down to reach our dream of having a little one to call us Mom. Rhonda shared, "My mom and (dad) of course chose me to be one of their family members when I was 3 1/2! That was the greatest thing someone could have ever given me, A FAMILY!" Coming from a family where 3 of my cousins were adopted, I know it's a harder road, but I can't even imagine our family without each one of them in the picture.

Us Mom's have to be strong & soft all at the same time this is especially true for Single Moms. Reader Melissa shared, "My mother taught me how to work hard as a single mother and to be a strong female force in the workplace! She is a jack of all trades from Mrs. Fix-It to cooking, cleaning and more she taught me how to self-sustain."

All of us Moms love our kiddos and want them to be happy. My sister, Becky wrote,"Our mother taught me that you're never too old to learn something new, and keep your dreams alive." My mom showed us this by going back to college after my sister & I graduated from homeschooling. She worked hard and earned a degree in education. Then she started her own private school for children of all learning abilities, which includes autism. My Mom has been the best example, and I love her for that & more! 

Never stop building up your kiddos because everyone should follow their dreams... if possible.  For instance my daughter used to say she wanted to grow up and become a mermaid.... that's not possible... lol, but we enrolled her swim lessons anyway. =)

J.Chapman adds,"I am proud of my children in so many ways. I am proud to be their Mama! In turn my Mom was and still is my biggest cheerleader. She always tells me that I can do whatever I need to do! I hope that I always portray that to my girls! Being a mother is hard work and not for sissies! Moms rock!" Yes, we sure do!!!!!

~Wishing every Mom out there all the best this Mother's Day!!! It's not easy, but keep cheering on, hugging, and supporting those kiddos even when they push our buttons or spray down the kitchen with a water hose! ;) They are our hearts, and you know what..... we are theirs too. Happy Mother's Day, from this Momma to you!!!! ~ Amanda


  1. OH my goodness on the hose in the house! Kids definitely keep us on our toes - that is for sure! Great story - thanks! :)

  2. Hey that's me...."Reader Melissa". Woohoo! I made it into someone's blog.

    Thanks for rounding up these comments. I love reading stories like this, even if they are little snippets.

    Hopefully this will reach some of the new Moms out there and give them encouragement.

    1. Thank you for contributing Melissa! Couldn't have done this post with everyone's comments. I like writing/ reading posts like this too... gives a lot of different perspectives... some that I wouldn't have thought of myself. =)

  3. Great post! :) Happy Mother's Day to you!

  4. My mama has been through alot and is always there when I need her the most. My daughters are my life and even though they drive me up the wall sometimes, I wouldn't trade them in for anything in the world! Happy Mother's Day to you and all the other Wonderful Mommies out there!!!

  5. I loved reading all of these. Thanks for the great post

  6. I love this post. Happy Mothers Day to you as well.


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