Monday, October 1, 2012

Ozeri Savore Electric Pepper Grinder Review

We love freshly ground pepper here at our house, so when I received my Savore Electric Pepper Grinder from Ozeri everyone was excited to try it out!

The first thing we had to do was install the 6 AAA Batteries. This process was extremely easy...just twist the bottom clockwise while holding onto the top {which Ozeri calls the Outer Housing}. The bottom comes out and you can pour in your pepper. Then in the top you pinch the white taps and the battery compartment comes down. Install your batteries, put it back in the outer housing, twist them back together and viola! Freshly ground pepper with the touch of the button on top!!!


The feature I am the most impressed with is the Grind Adjustor. It has 3 preset levels {fine, average, and coarse} for how your pepper is ground. This has came in really handy! When making mashed potatoes I can set it to fine, but for our cookouts, just 2 clicks to the right, and we have a coarse ground pepper to season our meat for the grill.

Keeping the Ozeri Savore Electric Pepper Grinder clean is very easy, especially since it has a finger print resistant coating... which I love! It also has a ultra soft grip, and modern design that fits perfect with my kitchen decor. One of most basic things about the design is that you can see through the storage chamber to where your peppercorns are and know exactly when it needs to be refilled.

My overall opinion is.... this is an awesome pepper grinder. With the simple touch of the button on top of your Ozeri Savore Electric Pepper Grinder distributed by Moderna Housewares you have your quick and easy!  You can have as much or a little as you like with minimal effort and the best more twisting!! Perfect for any pepper lovers ours! =)

*note you can also use this Ozeri Savore Electric Pepper Grinder for salt, but stone salt and wet sea salt are not recommended.

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*I received this Ozeri Savore Electric Pepper Grinder free for review thanks to The Pitch List and Ozeri. I was not required to give a positive review. As always, all opinions {good or bad} are my own. See Disclosure.


  1. my dad loves fresh ground pepper...he would love this..great review!

  2. I would love to use Freshly Ground Pepper. This sound great! Great Review...

  3. OMG! YAY! I HATE having to stand there and twist forever to get a tbsp of fresh ground pepper! I stopped eating the pre-ground stuff when I found out it was indigestible!

  4. This would make grinding fresh pepper much easier. I've heard great things about this company!

  5. This would make a great stocking stuffer!

  6. I would love to have this nice review


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